View Full Version : 2005 Chiefs Defense

03-09-2005, 11:08 AM
LE: Hicks/ David Pollack (1st round draft pick)
LT: Dalton/Siavii
RT: Sims/Browning
RE: Allen/Wilkerson

WILL: Polley/Barber
MLB: Bell/ Mitchell
SAM: Jamie Sharper (trade 2nd round pick to Texans)/Fujita

CB: Ty Law/A. Dyson

FS: Woods/Battle
SS: Wesley/Pile/Harts

CB: Warfield/A. Dyson.

DL: New addition Pollack. The best pass defense is hitting the QB in the mouth. That's what Pollack does.

LB: Polley isn't great, but is an upgrade to Caver/Fox/Jones at the moment. He's speedy and suited for the WILL. There hasn't been much interest in him, so he could be a good value pickup.
The Texans would really like to trim the roster and Sharper is a STUD. Better than Bell, better than Hartwell, better than 97% of the LB's in the league.

CB: Law's price should be coming down every day. Nobody is showing much interest in him and there isn't a big market left for corners. He might even end up being a good value pick. Dyson isn't getting much interest either. He's not great, but is an upgrade from McLeon, Bartee, Battle. If he isn't signed in a week he should be a better fit as well.