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T-post Tom
03-10-2005, 07:57 PM
I have a bad feeling about at least one of next season's starting safeties. Someone please tell me that King Carl isn't floating a trial balloon here...

Eric Crouch's NFL Europe Diary

March 10, 2005
NFL Europe

Eric Crouch is learning every day as he makes the change to a new position. (waynepaulo.com)
Hamburg Sea Devils former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Eric Crouch will write a weekly diary through the NFL Europe season to give fans an insight into his move from quarterback to safety, and life on the Sea Devils team. The Kansas City Chiefs allocated playerís second column comes from Tampa Bay, where he feels he is adjusting to the rigors of training camp.

Well after a full week of training, I feel like Iíve settled into a groove right now in practice and meetings and scrimmages. This is the period that you have to tough it out; itís the middle of camp and itís the hardest part because your body is starting to wear down a little bit, but Coach Bicknell is great about letting us get our legs back and giving us some rest. Heíll take care of us, so Iím not worried about that. I have, however, had a little bit of a groin injury that has slowed me down a bit. I really havenít missed that much time though. Iíve been practicing, and Iím just getting through things. The reason Iíve been continuing to work is because I really donít want to miss practice. I think all of those repetitions that I get, even if Iím at 75% speed right now, are still important. Itís essential for me to be in there to feel the game and to learn where I need to be during each play. Even though sometimes I may not make a play right now that I know I can make if Iím full speed, itís still good for me to just be in there and work through the pain. But I think the injury is something that will definitely be better by the next scrimmage on Saturday.

Unfortunately I didnít get a chance to play in the first scrimmage Tuesday, but Iím really looking forward to the one in a few days. Iíve been working with the trainers as far as stretching and icing and trying to get the strength back, so Iím sure Iíll be ready to go by then, which will be great because when we get into the thick of camp, itís tough to go against the same person every day - the same receivers, the same quarterbacks, the same offense. You start to get complacent after a while, and itís just hard to get motivated, so when they bring these scrimmages in, itís a new opportunity. Itís like a real football game. We donít really know who weíre going to be facing a lot of times, and this is an opportunity to see fresh faces that weíre going to be seeing throughout the season, so we learn about our competition.

Despite the injury, camp is going well overall. Iím learning a lot, and Iím starting to feel comfortable with the position Iím playing as far as the techniques are concerned, but I still have a lot to work on. You can always improve your technique. I feel like Iím just starting to get comfortable in my backpedal, but after you backpedal, there are so many things that follow, like coming out of your break and getting to where you need to be quickly. Iíll be working on techniques like that throughout the entire season. Besides winning the World Bowl, thatís why Iím over here.

As far as our secondary goes, all in all I think we have a lot of talent. Guys like Zach Norton, Shawn Mayer, Marcell Allmond, Allan Amundson and others are playing very well. Patrick Lundqvist, whoís from Sweden, has gotten much better from the first day he stepped on the field here. I think thatís the direction everyone is headed Ė forward. Weíre gelling as a unit; weíre talking to each other on the field and making sure weíre moving the calls throughout the secondary so everyone is on the same page. Of course we have some slip-ups at practice, but we come out the next practice and try to make sure it doesnít happen again. One thing I didnít realize was that on this side of the ball, film study is a huge part of the game also. Coach Trapp and Coach Daniel are stringent on us as far as making sure we study the receivers of the opposing team so we know everything they do, such as whether or not they run a speed cut or look to the ground before they break on a post? Do they give a head fake before they run a dig route? Do they chop their feet before they run a take-off route? All those things are important to know because when it comes to game time, if youíve studied and your opponent hasnít, that will show.

Outside of football Iíve been just enjoying my time here in Tampa. My wife and two children are coming down next week and spending about five days here, so that will be great. My son, Carsen, is turning one on the 18th, so Iím happy I get to celebrate his birthday. Itís almost been two weeks that I havenít seen them, so of course Iím excited. Iíve been used to going two or three weeks without seeing them while I was in other camps, but I do miss them, especially because I was home for a while and I got to see them every day. I kind of got into the habit of that, so that makes it a little tougher. And I donít know if theyíre going to get an opportunity to come to Europe or not because our daughter, Lexi, is in school and my wife just took a new job, so to come over there, we donít know how that will play out. But this will be good because theyíll come down and be here until we leave the following week. It will be good for me to see them because itís one less thing that Iíll have to think about, knowing that my family is here even while Iím practicing.

Thatís all for now. Iíll let you know how we look in our upcoming two scrimmages (Saturday and Wednesday) when I talk with you next week.

Until next time,

Eric Crouch

03-10-2005, 07:58 PM
dante hall was over there

Bob Dole
03-10-2005, 07:59 PM
Keep ****ing doubting Eric Crouch!

Big Chief Homer
03-10-2005, 08:05 PM
Im surprised he finished the article without quiting halfway through.

03-10-2005, 08:14 PM
Keep ****ing doubting Eric Crouch!

I will when he finally stops quitting........

Bob Dole
03-10-2005, 08:23 PM
I will when he finally stops quitting........

How does one determine when someone "stops quitting," anyway?

03-10-2005, 08:26 PM
How does one determine when someone "stops quitting," anyway?

How many times has this guy "retired" from the NFL?? Didnt he hold a press conference to "retire" from the Rams without having ever played a down in a real game??

keg in kc
03-10-2005, 08:26 PM
This is the definition of a 'slow news day'.