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Chief Nathan
12-08-2000, 10:47 PM
I am dying to put Dan Morgan(LB/Miami)in the red,white and gold...We are going to be drafting right about where he should go, somewhere around 6-11 in the 1st round.

RB is obviously a major need but there is a lot of RB depth in this draft. It is very possible that a Tomlinson or Travis Henry could fall to us at the top of the 2nd round...That would be ideal but the only problem with that is our current coaching staff...If they don't spend a 1st rounder and a lot of cash on a RB then they will never give him the chance to be a top notch feature back. The unfortunate reality of our pathetic coaching staff is that a Travis Henry or L.Tomlinson drafted in the 1st round could be Pro Bowlers. Travis Henry or L.Tomlinson drafted in the 2nd round would probably become Mike Cloud.

Here is a list of guys that all are being mentioned as potential 1st rounders if they have a good combine :(Some are JR's that might come out early)

Michael Bennett
Travis Henry
LaDainian Tomlinson
James Jackson
Adrian Peterson
DeShaun Foster
Damien Anderson
JaMar Toombs
Dan Alexander
LaMont Jordan and
Anthony Thomas..

As you can see that list is pretty extensive and why we should not spend our 1st rounder on a RB.

Chief Nathan
12-09-2000, 10:00 AM
Damn, is there anyone in here even thinking about the draft?

12-09-2000, 01:20 PM
I think I read that Morgan is around 225lbs. That's a little undersized for a LB picked that high. If I'm wrong please correct me.

I'd rather see us go with a D tackle. Clemmons and Hicks are good (and improving) DE's but we seem weak at tackle. A Shaun Rodgers or Henderson should be able to blow up the run in the middle.

12-09-2000, 01:43 PM
I think another pass-rushing DE is in the cards, along with Tomlinson. If Toombs comes out, I can't see the Chiefs passing on him. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs grab another corner in the first round.

Chief Nathan
12-09-2000, 01:44 PM

My sources have him listed at 6'2" and 240lbs. However, if you look at the top LB's in the NFL just about all of them fell in the draft because the were "undersized"...Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis, Zack Thomas, Donnie Edwards and a real up and comer Mike Peterson...

Chief Nathan
12-10-2000, 05:37 PM
Well, I guess that sloppy-*** win today really hurts our chances of getting Morgan.