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03-16-2005, 03:08 AM
My Reasons for Relaying

While walking around the track,
talking and having fun,
enjoying the activities,
and waiting to see the sun,
I breathe in the midnight air
and notice those around me.
People walking, people talking,
and people sleeping soundly.
I wonder what their stories are,
and how their lives are touched,
If they’ve seen the suffering
of someone they love very much,
If they’ve been through the loss
of someone they hold dear,
If they themselves are survivors
and hope has brought them here.
I think of family and friends
who have survived and who have not.
How much each one means to me
and the joy that they have brought.
I have several reasons for relaying,
but the one that comes to mind
is to take another look around
and see the hope that I will find.
The hope that next year will be better,
with more survivors on the track.
The hope that the day will come
when we can all look back.
and see the good times that we’ve had,
the battles that we’ve won.
the friends that we have made,
and the good that has been done.
When I think of hope,
I see dreams coming true,
I see goals being achieved,
I see the light shining through.

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