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keg in kc
03-28-2005, 10:32 AM
Just follow the instructions...

HACK INTO THE VON DOOM ARCHIVES (http://chud.com/news/2081)

By Devin Faraci
Contributing sources: Fox

The official site for the Fantastic Four movie has updated with some "secret" content, and I'm about to tell you how to access it. First let me say that despite all my cynicism, I love secret stuff like this. See, I'm just a fanboy too.

Go to the www.fantasticfourmovie.com site and load up the Flash page. As the page is loading, slam on F4 and you'll enter the "Von Doom Archives." There's a whole list of options - most are disabled at the moment - but you'll be able to access the footage that was shown at ShoWest recently. It looks like it's probably the next trailer.

The special effects look improved from previous footage, but they still haven't dubbed over Michael Chiklis' retarded Thing voice. The footage doesn't really give me a ton of hope for the film, but I think it can now be safely said that Fantastic Four is going to be really f*cking loud.