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Chiefs Pantalones
03-28-2005, 08:15 PM
Why should you not listen to a womans words?

Fact #1
Women are emotional creatures. Two weeks of every month for them is an emotional rollercoster. During this time women have a hard time being logical. This is why men who are successfull with women don't give up on the first or second rejection. These guys know that a woman will find you attractive one week and not attractive the next. This is why "timing" is important to a woman. You have to nail her at the right time when her pu-ssy is saying yes. So unless you follow her monthly cycle it doesn't make any sense to listen to a womans words.

Fact #2
We all know that women are followers and not leaders. They will say whatever is fashionable over what is the truth and reality of the situation. This is exactly why women don't know what they want. They simply regurgitate what they hear on TV and what holllywood tells them. This is why as a man you need to focus on what a woman REALLY needs and not what a woman says they want. It is the only way you will ever be happy with yourself as a man.

Fact #3
All women want a strong guy who can set them right emotionally. They don't want a guy who will become week or emotionaly unstable when they do. This is the purpose of the "***** Test". Girls will reject you simply to test you. It is a quick way for them to find out if you are really man enough to handle them. If you can't take their rejection then how are you going to suport them when they go nuts or have a kid?

Fact #4
Anti-slut defence is perhaps the best example of this. In the girls heart, she wants to be direct and forward and give you her number. But the laws of our culture tell her not to give off the impression that she is a slut (even though she might be). In order to get past Anit-slut defense you have to ignore her words and continue focus on her actions.

Fact #5
A woman who loves you will DO "via action" all kinds of things for you. She will buy you gifts, cook for you, massage your back, and most importantly give you head. And she won't expect anything in return for it.

Just imagine how simple women would be to deal with if you couldn't hear a word they said. You could only judge them on their actions and what their eyes told you.

Dude, this is all true. At least when it comes to the girls down here at MU.

He's more special than me. Dang tigers. ROFL