View Full Version : Best ever?

04-01-2005, 12:46 PM
Foxsports just posted a top ten moments of all time in the tourney. Why is it that everytime one of these top tens are made, they only include stuff from the last 25 years and most of it since 1990. Did sports only start since the age of ESPN? If I were to post a list of the top 10 World Series of all time, I think I might have to go beyond 25 years for that. The NCAA tourney has been going on since the 30s and yet only one of the best moments happened outside the last quarter century. Here's a breakdown, 4 from the 90s, 4 from the 80s, Magic-Bird in 1979 and Texas Western from 1966. If you're going to pose as some expert on the history of the NCAA tourney, you could at least know about the history of the NCAA tourney.