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04-02-2005, 04:34 AM
Especailly when you have a good reason and you don't get in trouble for it. There has to be a favorite time though. One time when you said "this is going to be sweeter than the rest". What's your story?

Mine? When I was 5 there were these two 6 year old indenticle twins named Terry and Larry. This was before the yellow bellied peace or we will take your kids generation. They used to beat me up regularly for fun for about a year until we moved away across town. Later on in 7th grade when I went to Jr. High I am walking down the hall one day when I noticed this ugly MOFO and recognized him. Skinny as hell I was still his physical superior and I went up to him in an aggressive fasion and asked if his name was Larry. He said no his name was Terry. I asked him if he remembered that little kid down the street him and his brother used to beat up all the time when he was a kid. I could see him think for a second and then have the memory register. "No", he said as I could see he thought he fooled me. "Well I remember you" I said just before drilled him. His brother never would look at me as long as we were in school together. Boy that sure felt good. Ahhhh the memories of childhood BS. Obviously I have had much more serious fights since then but nothing that gave me the satisfaction of that day.

04-02-2005, 09:51 AM
I was always the fat kid in grade school and got picked on by one kid more than anyone else. For some reason I grew 2 1/2 inches over the summer from 6th to 7th grade (used to be start of "junior high"). The first week of 7th grade he thought it would fun to start where he left off...after I gave him one good shove against the lockers and a bloody nose he was having second thoughts. No more trouble from him ever again.

There have been a couple of others but that one meant the most to me.

04-02-2005, 10:03 AM
There's one guy I owe... he was one of the popular guys, only played football, never tried to compete with me in any other sport, and to give him credit, he was a pretty good ballplayer for high school. Always lipped off to me, always had a smart remark, and especially vicious when his other buddies were around.

Last time I saw him he made some crarck about my receding hairline and my size - some spare tire crack. I went up to him, get next to his ear and told him if he said another word to me, I'd put him through a wall.

He shut up. I wish he hadn't.

04-02-2005, 11:15 AM
It was in Basic training there was this guy from thr south (either alabama or mississippi I forgot) who was the jokester and thought he has the toughest kid cause he knew some martial arts.....anyway he started this bullsh!t of whackin you over the head with a fist while you were wearin your Kevlar (helmet) well there is no padding on the inside so even though you were wearing it, it still hurt like a mother to get hit....one day at the grenade range we were waiting in the bleachers, not a Drill Seargent to be seen, and I got knocked pretty good and it made me so mad I climbed up 2 rows a and socked him in the mouth...he didn't do anything but hold his hand over his mouth ...a week or two later we went on our Christmas leave and when I got back he wasn't there ...offcially AWOL....

04-02-2005, 11:26 AM
I have had the rare privilege of beating the hell out of my arch-enemy in front of a crowd of my friends and his friends. I knocked him senseless with the first punch and then pummeled him into mush. It is still the single most supremely satisfying experience of my life. I don't even know if a Chiefs super bowl victory could top it.

Archie Bunker
04-02-2005, 11:27 AM
My last big rumble was during my senior year of high school. My friends and I went to a kegger at a neighboring town. One of my friends had a history with a couple of the guys that were there and after a hour a drinking and dirty stares between those 2 one of friends got a beer poured on his head. Then it started. It was an even fight us 5 vs 5 of theirs. Once the fight started even thing seemed to slow down. I took a couple of shots and then devoted my focus to destroying the guys face. After a few minutes the fight was over. I had bloodied a couple of guys up pretty good and had a black eye for my trouble. We were lucky that night. Nothing worse than fighting on someone elses turf.

It weird how thrilling a fight can be. It is a rush whether you win or lose. I try to follow the Mr. Miyagyi rules of engagement that fighting is a last resort but sometime it can't be avoided.

04-02-2005, 11:50 AM
I had no idea that I wasn't hanging with the cool kids here......ROFL

04-02-2005, 11:55 AM
Not my style

04-02-2005, 11:57 AM
I think people probably have stories like this about me. They probably all start, "So, this drunk asshole was grabbing my girlfriend's ass..."

As far as me hitting someone and getting away with it... I guess the one that comes to mind right away is the douchebag who stole my cooler from a party in college. His face met the sidewalk for his efforts, and his teeth came out a little worse for wear.

Don't f*ck with my beer.

go bo
04-02-2005, 12:08 PM
my favorite has to be when i was in elementary school, like 3rd or 4th grade...

a 6th grader had been bullying me and some of my friends, but he usually only did it when he had some of his big buddies with him...

well, i got tired of it all, so one day i hid in the bushes by the corner of the church by an alley that this bully always used to cut through the block on his way to school..

i heard him walking closer on the gravel in the alleyway, and when he got to the corner of the building where i was hiding, i stepped out and whopped him right in the face with a brick...

got his attention all right...

him and his buddies never messed with me or my friends after that...

something about bricks in the face and crazy little kids... :D :D :D

04-02-2005, 12:10 PM
i whopped him right in the face with a brick...

Jesus. I'm glad you're on my side.

04-02-2005, 12:15 PM
People seemed to enjoy hitting me in the head with blunt objects when I was a kid. One dropped a football sized rock on the top of my head from about 2 feet. Another snuck up behind me at a construction site and dropped the end of a long metal pipe on my head.

The result was the same in both cases. Unfazed, I simply looked at the offender and said "ow."

It's a good thing these incidents didn't have any adverse affect on me later in life....

Bob Dole
04-02-2005, 12:22 PM
People seemed to enjoy hitting me in the head with blunt objects when I was a kid.

In case you've forgotten, we still enjoy it now that you're an adult.

04-02-2005, 12:35 PM
I've only hit my brother this way, but that doesn't really count I guess.

04-02-2005, 12:39 PM
In case you've forgotten, we still enjoy it now that you're an adult.

So you're the one! :grr:


04-02-2005, 01:00 PM
Jesus. I'm glad you're on my side.

I'm glad "P" is a long ways from "B" on the keyboard.

04-02-2005, 01:01 PM
Violence is Never a valid Option, you Barbarian Ogers.

Baby Lee
04-02-2005, 01:19 PM
Most satisfying of my few childhood fights was also the shortest. Had a guy giving me sh!t and getting in my face any time he could. Finally one day, there was a sizeable crowd around and I was tired of his grandstanding, so I used my one 'karate' move I'd seen. Standing slightly to his right, I slid my right leg behind his knees and threw my right shoulder into his chest. He fell with a thud and I was on his throat with my right forearm. I whispered in my most menacing voice, 'this can stop now or I start pounding.' He nodded, and I walked off to applause.

04-02-2005, 01:22 PM
I whispered in my most menacing voice, 'One word: Tort!.' He nodded, and I walked off to boos and hisses.

Can't say I blame him. :D

Baby Lee
04-02-2005, 01:29 PM
Can't say I blame him. :D
Hey! Back then I still wanted to be Indiana Jones.

04-02-2005, 01:43 PM
I'm glad "P" is a long ways from "B" on the keyboard. ROFL

Taco John
04-02-2005, 01:45 PM
In the sixth grade, this bully twice my size wouldn't leave me alone... Always pushing me. Always punching me. I was a mild-mannered kid, but had been in Tae Kwon Do for a year. As taught, I avoided fighting as much as possible, but one day I had enough. I told the guy if he touched me again, I was going to let him have it... He came up from behind me later in recess and pushed me to the ground. I got up and it was ON!

I can't imagine the scene. I was a pencil thin kid, and I was wailing on this big dude. I felt like little Mac on Nintendo, because I had to jump to get a good shot on his face. He was so big and oafish that he couldn't draw a target fast enough and the barage to his face and gut was too much for him. He collapsed in tears and my classmates practically carried me back to class on their shoulders. My social status took a HUGE jump that day, and the girl I had a crush on picked a desk next to me that afternoon when we were rearranging the classroom.

The next morning, two of his buddies caught me at the bike rack locking up my bike. One grabbed one shoulder and the other grabbed the other and they pinned me down. The bully climbed on and started beating the hell out of me until a teacher grabbed us all and hauled us to the office. I got off scott clean. They got detention for a month, and the shame of our classmates for such dirty tactics.

Hammock Parties
04-02-2005, 03:09 PM
I've never punched anyone in the face, but I socked my cousin in the gut once. He had it coming.

big nasty kcnut
04-02-2005, 03:12 PM
It's feel good when my brother bug me to get a good hard shot at his grill.

04-02-2005, 03:12 PM
Gochiefs.........I'm sure you've been punching your bishop in the head Daily since you were 9.

Hammock Parties
04-02-2005, 03:13 PM
Gochiefs.........I'm sure you've been punching your bishop in the head Daily since you were 9.

Hurrrr hurr! Masturbation is funny! :rolleyes:

04-02-2005, 03:51 PM
My family moved a lot for my Dad's job when I was in Grade school - a new town every year or two. I was a farmkid, bigger & stronger than others my age from toting this barge and lifting that bale down on the farm and I never had many problems whipping 'big city' kids my own size or bigger. Got so I expected to fight the local bully(s) as part of the moving process & went to school planning to just get in there and get it over with. Not pretty, but just get 'er done.

So my first day in 4th grade in a new town this yutz decides to shove me just to see what I'd do. I turned and decked him with one punch to the jaw. Kid must have had a glass jaw, or just wasn't expecting me to fight back...anyway, it knocked him out. I thought about it, then grabbed his arm and dragged him over and tossed him face down into a schoolyard swing. Then I kicked his arse hard enough to make him swing back and forth a while. Stood there kicking his butt again every now and then til I got tired of it, then went about my bidness. That got some schoolyard attention, and gave the rest of the local yokels food for thought. I didn't have any problems for a while.

After a few weeks I was minding my bidness on the schoolground again. Saw this little neighbor girl who had hydrocephaly (water on the brain = head bigger than normal) being shoved around by a couple 3 bigger kids. They had her in between 'em and would shove her from one to the other, she was crying. I didn't like it, and I walked over and said so. They decided to try messing with me instead of the little girl & one got around behind me and grabbed both my arms, the others got up in my face and were doing their best schoolyard trash talk thing. I started churning my legs and running backwards, as hard as I could...this shoved the kid behind me holding my arms back into a pole. He hit his head, and yelled, so we did this a time or two again, until I managed to knock him out banging his head on the pole. One of the others had come forward to punch me while this was going on. While the goon behind me was still holding my arms (and holding up my weight) I drop kicked the guy in front right in the groin. He went down for the count, clutching his groin and crying for his mama. Now suddenly one guy is down crying, the other is out cold. The third kid realized it wasn't 3 against 1 anymore...it was 1 on 1 and I was loose and MAD by now. He turned and ran, but I caught him, got him down and was pounding his face when the teachers finally came to find out what all the shouting was about. I'd knocked the third kid out by then, so I had 2 guys out cold on the ground, one of 'em with a bloody nose and the other with blood coming out the back of his head. One guy awake but clutching his 'nads, crying and unwilling/unable to talk. A crying little girl.

Then there was me, still chockfull of adrenaline and not real coherent yet my own self. Righteous anger is something else, and I still wanted to kick their ass and I couldn't get the teachers to understand that I hadn't just attacked these 3 goons, that I'd defended myself...no, that couldn't be true. There were too many victims on the ground, I must be some kind of monster!

So they sent me to the principles office, of course, and I got an immediate paddling for fighting...then the little girl calmed down and told her story to her teacher. And the teacher came and told the principal. And the principal appologized for spanking me, but sent me home.

Later, they made the 3 losers appologize to me as well, but I wasn't having any of that. They knew they were all 3 my bitch from then on.

Upside: no one messed with me again for years, as long as I went to that school.

One downside: I was 'under orders' not to fight from my Mom. So when the school sent me home after all this, she insisted that my Dad spank me when he came home. He did...but he told me at the time he was still proud of me, and since his heart wasn't in it the spanking didn't hurt. The only time one of Dad's spankings didn't hurt, by the way.

The little girl later got sick and passed away. But while she lived she never got shoved around on the playground again.

You'd think I'd have learned not to fight with crowds of yokels, but I didn't wise up. Luckily, these yokels who always piss me off have all proven to be a pretty weedy crew. Not a lot of bottom to 'em, and glass jaws in abundance.

So anyways in college, I managed to knock out 2 guys with one good punch. A feat I wouldn't want to duplicate every day, but I did it once...and that's a fact.

A frat boy pinched my girl's ass as we walked past their table in Brothers Tavern in Aggieville. I'd had a beer or two, but not many. I didn't like to see some drunk pawing my woman and I told him what I thought of him. There were 4 of 'em at the table, and the pincher stood up & so did his buddy. While they were standing, I got my feet set, stooped and hit the pinching frat boy with a 'from the knees' uppercut under the chin that lifted him off his feet. He sailed up and back and the back/top of his head hit his buddy who was standing behind him, right in the nose. Crash! They both fell down, out cold. 2 guys out with one lovely punch (and it was a beauty of a punch, if I say so myself. My old Kempo teacher would have been proud...hips and legs werein it all the way up, I pivoted just right. Hit him right where I wanted, on the point of his jaw. All that practice paid off).

One minute, 4 drunken frat boys at one table acting all sassy, and suddenly there were only 2 still coherent. Those 2 set a worlds record for sobering up. You never saw a good time go so sour so fast.
After the first 2 are down/out cold I turned and told the remaining 2 to stand up and get what's coming to 'em. Now they didn't want anything to do with me. "We didn't touch her, mister", one said. And they didn't, but they'd laughed when their pal DID touch her, and I pointed this out. I kicked one of 'em, to try and stir 'em up but they wouldn't stand up. I really thought they ought to get a free boxing lesson or two.
By this time the bouncer came over and said 'that's ok, those other guys had it coming but maybe you'd better go now'. Then my girl started tugging on my right arm (girls, never grab your mans arms when he's fixin' to fight, you could get both of you hurt. Talk all you want but don't tie his arms up so he can't defend himself). I decided to quit while I was ahead for a change, so we left.

Later I found out how happy a girl can be in private when you've defended her honor in public.

Spicy McHaggis
04-02-2005, 04:42 PM
I try not to fight its not really my personality but I had a party some months ago in which these obnoxious a-holes showed up. They got out of hand and were being disrespectful of my home so I told them to leave. One called one of my room mate's girlfriends a racial slur so I landed one right in the side of his face and basically knocked his ass out. His friends freaked and just grabbed him and carried him out the door. I can't stand people that don't respect other people or their property.

04-02-2005, 05:14 PM
When I was 18 I hung out a bar where I knew the doorman. One night I ran into this crazy Costa Rican bitch that I had given the Heisman to after I nailed her. She had a new 21+ yr old boyfriend there, and she decided it was time to get her revenge.

As I walked out at the end of the night her boyfriend and all his buddies surrounded me and the guy started pushing me around talking about how Tonya said I had hit her. The guy was bigger and I was outnumbered so I was just trying to talk my way out of it. Then he decided to slap me (open handed slap to the face, what a bitch). I responded with a fist to the face that pancaked his nose. He basically just stood there cupping the blood while his friends laughed. I got to know the other guys later on and they said he'd always been a big talker, but had never backed it up.

Another time, I was being escorted out of a bar for a scuffle that broke out amid a misunderstanding between my buddy and some drunk bitch. I was in a pretty big group, and so was this girl, so about half the bar was getting kicked out. When I got outside I told the girl she was a stupid gunt to her face, and some guy shouldered in. I responded by punching him, and all hell broke loose. I don't know what hapened to the guy I hit, because I was immediately grabbed from behind in some poor excuse for a nelson. I wiggled my way out and pounced on the guy that grabbed me from behind, getting on top of him. At that point he started yelling "Wait! I work here, I work here!". It made me pause and I realized I was on top of one of the bouncers. Bad news for him was that it was a bouncer I didn't like. I didn't stop wailing on him until the cops hit me over the head with a mag light. Then while the cops were getting info, and I sat bleeding in the cop car, I convinced my girlfriend to open the door to the cop car and let me out so I could "find my contact". I made a bee-line for the bouncer and landed one more huge bomb on him right in front of the cops.

I could tell a lot of these stories. Growing up, I hung out with older guys that got their entertainment by watching us younger kids fight. I'd do it just because I thought it gained me their acceptance. After enough broken noses to make a hockey player jealous, I hung up the tequila glass, got my nose redone, and have tried to stay peaceful. The last time I strayed, I got hit with an aluminum baseball bat that broke my hand. It would have hit my head if my fists hadn't been raised.

04-02-2005, 05:50 PM
3rd grade...po laird(i'll give his name, cause he's a thief) stole my tennis shoes in gym class. then he had the sense to wear them to school, w/my name still written on the soles. i called him a thief, and he beat the $hit out of me. then i told him he was still a thief and he wailed on me some more. c@cksucker's probably still a thief today, but i'm not the type to dwell on $hit like that.

and i never got a punch in, cause i was covering my face w/my hands the whole time.

04-02-2005, 06:46 PM
I remember, that in Jr. High, I got picked on, cause I was a small, skinny dude.

The Mexicans especially liked to pick on me.

Well, In my Soph year of HS, this one particular speedy Gonzales saw me walking in the hall, and he acted like he was going to chase me down, like in JH, and instead of running, I stopped, turned arround and gave him a stare, instead of running away, like I use to in JH.

The fugger stops in his tracks, more than an arms reach away, and says, "You grew up." To which I say, "Yeah!?", still giving him the stare like, are we gonna rock or what?

He walks away. Thats what I thought bitch.

04-02-2005, 06:46 PM
I'm sure many of you will find this hard to believe but I've only lost one fight in my life. Even harder to believe might be the fact that I've never hit anyone in the face. The one fight I lost was one that I picked and I learned my lesson well. All others were against bullies that either started in on me or someone else. While I had an aversion to physical confrontation, even as a youth I found it difficult to keep my mouth shut when I witnessed what I thought to be an injustice. In other words, I mouthed off to a lot of bullies.

I've been in probably a dozen legitimate fights in my life. But, because I have always had great body control, been a decent wrestler, and an outstanding tackler I've always been able to bring my opponent down and put them in a compromising position until they have either cried "uncle" or understood that if I let them up the fight was over as far as I was concerned. On two occasions, when foes much bigger than myself did not give in, I let them up and then ran away laughing as I felt there was nothing more to prove. In both cases I was not bothered again.

I grew up with three sisters and my Mother taught us early on that we did not ever lay a hand on each other. She also taught us that respect was for everyone, younger and older. The thought of my fist crunching into someone elses facial bones gives me the willies.

04-02-2005, 08:41 PM
I think people probably have stories like this about me. They probably all start, "So, this drunk asshole was grabbing my girlfriend's ass..."

A frat boy pinched my girl's ass as we walked past their table in Brothers Tavern in Aggieville.

Are you sure that wasn't in Rolla?


04-02-2005, 09:40 PM
Not my style

Yea well running and snitching was never mine.

04-02-2005, 11:22 PM
3rd grade...po laird(i'll give his name, cause he's a thief) stole my tennis shoes in gym class. then he had the sense to wear them to school, w/my name still written on the soles. i called him a thief, and he beat the $hit out of me. then i told him he was still a thief and he wailed on me some more. c@cksucker's probably still a thief today, but i'm not the type to dwell on $hit like that.

and i never got a punch in, cause i was covering my face w/my hands the whole time.

If you've got an Old Iron Bridge on a dirt road to pee off of and a 12 pack, I could carpool down, we'll find that Hooker and snatch his ass in a bear trap.

My mom was a school cook for a while. When I was a Jr, some kid stole some of my clothes from my gym locker, and I sent word that I knew he did it, and I was gonna say some tough things in his general direction.

The Principal went and got my mommy, and together they pulled me from class, and he had my mom ask me not to beat the dirtbag up. They called me back in at 3 because the deadline was looming, and had my clothes, washed, warm, folded.

The fargin Principal, told my mommy. Doooshbahg.