View Full Version : What a Great Day!

12-17-2000, 07:28 PM
Well, this has been one of the great days of my life. Front row seats for a total azz-whuppin of the hated Donx! I was right behind the instant replay machine on the Denver sideline - close enough to spit on the thing, but today I didn't feel the need. I'm sure Shanahan heard me when I asked him where the cooking spray was. :D I'm sure Romo heard me when I asked him to drop me a postcard from prison. :D Toward the end of the game the Donx were very dejected - it was WONDERFUL to experience it up close and personal. :D

And it wasn't cold at all - my hate for Denver kept me warm all day! :mad:

Thanks to the Chiefs, especially T-RICH, for such a great game and great day. Best football game I've EVER attended.


The Chiefs own Denver. If I owned Denver, I'd tear it down and put up a parking lot...