View Full Version : Gore / Bush Totals in California

12-17-2000, 09:26 PM
Before Absentee Ballots:
Gore 5,254,500 56.4%
Bush 4,054,756 43.6%

With Absentee Ballots:
Gore 5,861,203 56.2%
Bush 4,567,429 43.8%

Absentee Ballots Alone:
Gore 606,703 54.2%
Bush 512,673 45.8%

Didn't quite come out the way I expected. The absentees were very much in line with the state, which isn't usually the case in most elections here, where absentee ballot voters tend to run more conservative.

The California site only would give TOTAL votes and not break out the absentees. But MSNBC, bless their hearts, still had the old totals.

Sources: http://www.msnbc.com/m/d2k/g/state.asp?state=CA#president http://vote2000.ss.ca.gov/Returns/pres/00.htm

12-17-2000, 09:29 PM
Shocked to say the least !

12-17-2000, 09:31 PM
I'm gonna bet that a LOT of nursing homes used absentee ballots... More than usual... Maybe even some creative ones....

12-17-2000, 09:43 PM
Posts like these do a lot to maintain your credibility, TheFly. Thanks for following-up with the numbers once they were available.

I'm of the opinion that the popular vote in the presidential election doesn't mean all that much, given the winner-take-all nature of our electoral-college system. Many voters probably chose not to vote because they lived in states where a blow-out was expected. The bottom line is that we don't know who would have won a truly decisive popular vote.

Be that as it may, I try to vote regardless of my preferred candidates' chances. I'm so used to voting for losers that my rationalization for voting isn't so much to affect the outcome as it is to help the turnout in my precinct-I believe that the precincts with the best turnouts on election day are likely to get better city services the rest of the year than the precincts that are full of folks who don't take their citizenship seriously. http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

12-17-2000, 10:12 PM
Thankya, thankya very much...

In all seriousness, I'd rather see the electoral college awarded by congressional districts. That would have prevented the sad and sorry incidents we saw in Florida, as all of the electoral votes across the country would have been in play, rather than winner take all over a handful of votes...

I hope that will happen in my lifetime...<BR>