View Full Version : Non FB related...Does anyone use MSN internet access as their ISP?

12-18-2000, 09:17 AM
I am looking at buying a new PC and one option I have is to get a $400 rebate if I sign up for MSN access for 36 months. The fee is $21.95 per month.

I am curious if anyone has used MSN and if they experienced any problems.

Stingie D
12-18-2000, 09:26 AM
I bought my Hewlett Packard they offered me the same type of deal but if you figure out the price in the long run it's no deal. I got my internet access for 12.87 per month. I have seen it now a low a 11.00 per month. If you figure the price at 21.95 vs. the above, you are better off to buy the computer and get your own access provider.

12-18-2000, 09:32 AM
Rick, is that from a national provider?

I am in South Dakota where my local phone company charges $19.50 per month.

I have never considered a national provider like MSN or AOL before this, thanks for the input.

Stingie D
12-18-2000, 09:36 AM
Look in your yellow pages, there are a lot of company's that provide internet access. I have had no problems with the provider that I have here in California.

12-18-2000, 09:41 AM
Unfortunately, access prices are still significantly higher in towns without competition. Bob Dole still has to pay $21.95/month for 56k access, as there are no cheaper alternatives.

12-18-2000, 09:44 AM
I've used MSN before, its a fine ISP, but its nothing to write home about, much less pay over $20 a month for. I dont think anyone should pay more than $15 a month for an ISP. I use NET ZERO which is free, provided you dont have to use a toll number to log on.

Stingie D
12-18-2000, 09:47 AM
Do you people have Sam's Club stores or Cosco
Stores near you? I know that they both offer real deals on internet access. Cosco has a deal where you can get Yahoo free as long a you have a Cosco card.