View Full Version : I'm off to the Georgia Dome

12-18-2000, 03:13 PM
Well this weekend Iíll be off to the Georgia Dome. Even with this game meaning nothing Iíll be there supporting our beloved Chiefs. Anyone else going to the Dome?

12-18-2000, 03:45 PM
Iron Chef:

Depending on the weather and the climate around the house(if you get my drift)I am going to try and be there. I am about 3 hours away, but my biggest concern is the fact that it is on Christmas Eve Day and that there is still a chance of bad weather down here.

Considering the fact that in the SE U.S. they have very little machinery(much less a clue)that would handle even the smallest snow accumulation, and that roads get treacherous due to idiot drivers, that may keep me from being there.

If the weather is right... and the wife isn't still standing over me with the frying pan, I plan on wearing the red!!


12-18-2000, 04:04 PM

Hope to see ya here. Good Luck