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04-08-2005, 04:23 PM
GRETZ: Waiting for Patrick

Apr 08, 2005, 4:31:03 PM by Bob Gretz (http://www.kcchiefs.com/news/bob_gretz/)

Letís start with the most important question that surrounds this whole situation:

Is it Patrick Sur-tane, as in octane, or is it Patrick Sur-tan, as in fan?

Iíve heard local hairdos and tin throats use both versions in the same sentence. Luckily, those of us pounding away with our fingers on a keyboard only have to worry about Patrick Surtain Ė thatís how you spell the name of the Miami Dolphins cornerback who may soon be wearing the red and gold.

For the record, according to the 2004 Miami Dolphins media guideís pronunciation chart itís Patrick Sir-tan, as in ďThe Man.Ē

Also for the record, understand this: as of Thursday evening, the Chiefs did not, I repeat, did not have an agreement with Surtain for a contract extension. Despite what youíve read and heard elsewhere, there is no deal. Negotiations continue, however between the team and Surtainís representative.

Make no mistake, the Chiefs are very interested in the 28-year old corner out of New Orleans and Southern Mississippi University. Almost from the moment when new Dolphins head coach Nick Saban assessed his salary cap situation and gave Surtain permission to find a new team, the Chiefs have looked upon him as one of the top options to improving their secondary in 2005.

Among all the cornerbacks available through free agency or salary cap casualties during this off-season, Surtain might be the most attractive. Heís a two-time Pro Bowler (2002 and 2003.) Heís played seven seasons, the last five as a starter and missed only four games in his career. Last season, Surtain had 71 tackles, a sack and four interceptions for the Dolphins. Those 71 tackles are noteworthy; there arenít many cornerbacks with that many tackles in the league.

Surtainís numbers are better than Samari Rolle, Fred Smoot, Ken Lucas, Ty Law and Gary Baxter. The Chiefs were serious about Rolle, who left Tennessee, danced for a few days with the Chiefs, before signing with Baltimore. That would have cost them only money. They also did due diligence with Law, but his health concerns and age make him a chancy option.

Surtain is going to cost not only a lot of money in a contract extension (his deal with the Dolphins expires after the 2005 season,) but a draft choice as well. In this case the Dolphins supposedly will not settle for anything less than a second-round pick. Thereís a reason for that: Miami does not have a second rounder, having traded it away to Philadelphia in a questionable deal last year for quarterback A.J. Feeley.

Various parties have reported that the Chiefs offered a fourth-round pick for Surtain. Four years ago, the Chiefs dealt a third-round pick, the 78th choice, to New Orleans for T Willie Roaf. This was a left tackle coming off a major knee injury, but he had already been in seven Pro Bowls. The fact that Carl Peterson wants to give up pick No.116 for Surtain is not something out of the ordinary.

However, that does not mean the deal gets done. Since they canít compromise on a third-round pick (the Chiefs selection in that round is a compensatory choice and by NFL rules cannot be dealt) somebody is going to have to give, or sweeten the pot.

Thereís a body of opinion among Chiefs fans that says, ďGive up the second rounder, we never get anything out of that round anyway.Ē

Thereís some truth to that. The second round has produced names in recent drafts like DT Eddie Freeman, LB Kawika Mitchell, CB William Bartee, RB Mike Cloud and WR Kevin Lockett: none of them has or had much of a career with the Chiefs. Plus, there was that 1995 trade of a second-round pick to Philadelphia for wide receiver Victor Bailey. That deal will go down as one of the worst in Chiefs history, as Bailey played in just two games in Ď96, catching one pass for 12 yards before quietly disappearing from Arrowhead and the NFL.

That deal alone should have the Chiefs approaching any trade for a second-rounder in a careful manner. But, Patrick Surtain is not Victor Bailey. Heís a young man who turns 29 in June and figures to have another four or five years of top football ahead of him. His presence will make everyone on the Chiefs defense better.

Nobody asked me, but if the Chiefs and Dolphins reach a standoff, I have a suggestion: the Chiefs give up their second and fourth round picks. In return, they get Surtain and the Dolphins fourth-round pick.

That sweetens the pot for the Chiefs, allowing them to move up in the round from the 116th pick to the 104th choice. Thatís the third selection in the second day of the draft, a prime spot. Once those first three rounds are completed, every team in the league sits down with their draft board and pinpoints players who have slipped into the second day. That earlier fourth would give the Chiefs some options: another trade to move up or down, or one of the best spots in Day No. 2.

With no other deals, the Chiefs would close out the draft with these additions: A first-round pick, the 15th in the draft, giving them a shot at one of the top defensive players in this yearís draft class. A Pro Bowl corner in Surtain. A late third-round pick, along with that early fourth rounder and then two picks in the fifth round.Thatís seven players that should help, including two: the first rounder and Surtain, who should help in 2005. Combine them with Kendrell Bell, Sammy Knight and Carlos Hall and the defense has been transformed.

The Bad Guy
04-08-2005, 04:28 PM
Like I'm going to believe anything Gretz writes about the contract situation.

If they did have a deal with Surtain, the last place I would look is KCChiefs.com for comfirmation.

Publically admitting they have a deal would mean that they give all leverage to the Dolphins.

04-08-2005, 04:37 PM
I have to admit.. I like the idea of giving the 2nd and 4th for their 4th.. that makes sense to have an early pick on the 2nd day...

wait.. did I just agree with Gretz?!?!?

killme.. killme now!

04-08-2005, 05:42 PM
King Carl probably forbids Gretz or any other Chiefs employee, access to outside media so I'm not shocked Gretz doesn't think the Chiefs and Surtain have reached an agreement on a contract extension

04-08-2005, 06:03 PM
King Carl probably forbids Gretz or any other Chiefs employee, access to outside media so I'm not shocked Gretz doesn't think the Chiefs and Surtain have reached an agreement on a contract extension


04-08-2005, 06:32 PM
I hate to admit it ... but it does make a little sense!


Damit Carl :cuss: Do something ... ANYTHING!



Mr. Flopnuts
04-08-2005, 07:02 PM
This is the first and probably last time I'll ever say this. Bob Gretz makes perfect sense with his synopsis of the Surtain situation. :banghead: Don't make me bite the soap again momma, please don't!!!