View Full Version : Which would you rather have?

Rain Man
04-12-2005, 10:37 PM
Poll forthcoming. I'm procrastinating a deadline.

04-12-2005, 10:42 PM
I know this one. I am not going to kiss a rabbit between the ears.

Rain Man
04-12-2005, 10:43 PM
These ugly "poll editing" rumors are killing my business.

Hammock Parties
04-12-2005, 10:44 PM
150 IQ and slow as hell. I wouldn't enjoy playing professional sports anyway, I'd prefer to be a fan.

04-13-2005, 07:31 AM
These ugly "poll editing" rumors are killing my business.
Ew, I smell lawsuit.

04-13-2005, 07:41 AM
My fastest 100 meters in college was 11.04 (about a 10 flat 100 yards). Yeah, I was a second off being world class, but for a Division II school, it was decent for a decathlete.

Now, here come the statements about my I.Q. ...

04-13-2005, 07:50 AM
I see badgranny has voted. She'd like to have a 20 point increase in her IQ AND run a 4.3.

I voted I hate the implication, cuz I ran a 4.5 and have a significant IQ. Not that I do much with it, but it is significant.

Mr. Laz
04-13-2005, 11:01 AM
takes more than just speed to be successful in sports ... so gotta take the smarts.

now if you included superior athletic skills with the speed so you would be pretty much assured of being a successful multi million dollar athlete... i imagine the IQ's would be dropping fast. :)

Mark M
04-13-2005, 11:31 AM
I already have a 150+ IQ and a 40-time clocked with Mayan calendar ...

I think I'll keep both, thanks.


04-13-2005, 12:42 PM
I would happily be dumb as a rock if I could run a 4.2 40 and spend a few years as a raw CB prospect collecting milliion dollar paychecks. When you have that kind of raw speed, you get a fat contract whether you have a position or not. You can't teach speed. A 4.2 at the NFL combines would either break Deion Sanders all-time record of 4.24, so you would be guaranteed to be a day one pick whether you were good or not.