View Full Version : Maybe the coach and GM don't see it, at least the QB does....

Fat Homer
12-19-2000, 04:50 PM
Kyle: If you could add one player to the Chiefs who would it be and why?

Grbac: I would want to add a Terrell Davis-like running back. A guy with his ability to see the hole, run hard, and catch passes out of the backfield.

I know this is nothing new, but I wonder how Grbac will feel when the Chiefs don't get that "Terrell Davis" like RB and use TRich instead?

I wonder if Elvis feels TRich fits this profile?

"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
-Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback and sports analyst

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12-19-2000, 04:59 PM
I'm sure he was happy with TRich yesterday...

12-19-2000, 05:15 PM
They may get that Terrell Davis like running back, and it just might be Terrell Davis.

12-19-2000, 05:16 PM
I doubt it... he's still under contract & his cap hit would be huge. I don't think Denver really wants to renegotiate & trade/cut him.

12-19-2000, 06:19 PM

Even though Elvis seems to see the obvious here, remember that he is a guy who cant keep track of timeouts, downs, the clock, or call audibles to save his life.

None of the three guys are quick thinkers. Hell, Carl thought he had his running back problem solved with Bam Morris. And Gunter didnt even know that he had a passing game until week three. I suggest you listen to Mortenson and the boys on ESPN or read Sporting News to get an accurate picture of what the Chiefs need (or can you listen to me! I know what their needs are too)