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04-15-2005, 02:21 PM
the link will probably turn into an insider story, it has in the past


Chat with NFL draft prospect Carlos Rogers!

Welcome to The Show! On Friday, we continue our series of chats with top prospects in this year's NFL draft, welcoming Auburn star Carlos Rogers at 1 p.m. ET.

Some critics say shut-down corners are a dying breed in the pass-happy NFL, but Rogers may be the kind of player capable of shirking conventional wisdom. A star on Auburn's undefeated team, Rogers anchored a defense that dominated the SEC. For his efforts, Rogers won the Jim Thorpe Award, honoring the best defensive back in college football. Most experts project Rogers as a high first-round pick and one of the best corners available in his class.

Carlos won't hit chat until 1 p.m. ET on Friday, but you can send your questions now and join us then!

Buzzmaster: Carlos is just wrapping up another interview and will be here in just a few minutes! Hang tight!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Brian (Arlington): Buzz, Sometimes I think you do this to us on purpose. It makes me sad.

Buzzmaster: Buzz wouldn't do that!

Carlos Rogers: Hello!


Carlos Rogers: I think with me you get the total package .. size, weight and speed. I also played in the best conf. in college football. You are getting a true corner in me who will be ready to start wherever I go.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Mike (School Library): Carlos, some are saying you might go to the packers, think you can thrive in cold weather?

Carlos Rogers: Yeah, it doesn't matter if it is cold or hot. I'll get used to it. Miami is really hot. Green Bay is cold. It doesn't matter to me.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Tony Borelli (Columbus, GA): What has been the hardest thing about the entire pre-draft process?

Carlos Rogers: It hasn't been hard at all. Just tiring, flying around to see all the teams. I've just been talking football the whole time and that's fun. I'm used to it.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Jake: (Auburn, AL): War Eagle, Carlos! I saw Ronnie's new Range Rover yesterday... What kind of ride are you planning to drive now???

Carlos Rogers: Ha. I already got a candy red Escalade. It's pretty nice.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Joe from Gainesville, FL: Whose tougher to tackle, Ronnie Brown or Carnell Williams?

Carlos Rogers: I think it depends on who is trying to tackle them. They both can bring the power and knock you off balance. You have to be a great tackler to get to either one of them.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Bryan (Montgomery, AL): Carlos, what impact, if any, did the unbeaten season have on your climb up the draft board for a lot of teams?

Carlos Rogers: Yeah, I think it had some effect. I think it was more the kind of season that I had indivdually though that helped me rise.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>vontez (princeton, New Jersey): hey carlos, There is lots of hype surrounding your teammates carnell williams and ronnie brown. How does it effect you? does it overshadow you?

Carlos Rogers: I think with them bringing all the attention to Auburn, it can only help me, The offensive guys will always get more attention. That's what the fans want to see. I don't worry about it. After Auburn, I'm threw with playing with them tough. But they will always be best friends of mine. I'm sure the teams they go to, the QBs will get more attention. So they'll get used to it as well.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>mike (concord,ca): what teams have showed intrest in you? Good luck in the pros!

Carlos Rogers: A lot of teams have shown interest .. I can't say one team more than another. But I'm high on a lot of team's boards.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Joe (Huntsville,AL): How technique would you use to cover TO?

Carlos Rogers: Man, I'd have to study more film on him. But I'd be right up there being physcial with him, getting up in his face.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Justin (Atlanta): What do you think of the rumors that the Falcons want to trade up and line you up with DeAngelo Hall?

Carlos Rogers: Huh. I don't know about that. That would be real good. I would love to play there. I live about 40 minutes away. But like you say, it's just a rumor.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Hack (East Haven, CT): Carlos better feeling big hit causing a fumble or a pick?

Carlos Rogers: Interception!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Josh (Detroit): What corner's do you look up to? Dre Bly?

Carlos Rogers: Champ Bailey, McCallister.. there are a lot of guys.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Cory (baltimore): being so high on teams draft boards, does that bring more pressure on you now, or later?

Carlos Rogers: No pressure. Maybe on Draft day I will be nervous. But not now.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>steve (nyc): What was your favorite team growing up? What would it be like to play for them?

Carlos Rogers: Atlanta.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Trae (MIA, FL): Have the honeys been throwing themselves at you now, or what? Keep it real.

Carlos Rogers: Not really. I got that in college though. That's the least of my worries right now.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Danny (Kansas City, MO): What would you think about playing at Arrowhead stadium

Carlos Rogers: That would be no problem! It don't matter to me. I just want to start.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Wally (Plano, Tx): Hey Carlos, who among the current QB do you want to get a pick off on the most?

Carlos Rogers: Peyton Manning!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Trae (MIA, FL): Have you put spinners on the Escalade yet? What about Lamborguini doors? 50 did!

Carlos Rogers: I'm not going to put spinners on.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Nick (Ohio): Do you think you guys would have beat USC?

Carlos Rogers: It would have been a great game. With their offense and out defense .. and vice versa.. would have been a great game.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Jimmy (Washington, DC): Warrrr Eagle!!! Carlos, which moment at Auburn ranks highest as your favorite?

Carlos Rogers: That's tough .. probably the Virginia Tech game. To go 13-0 and do what I did in that game. That lick I put on that QB!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>chris(charlotte): Yo Carlos, seen you play quite a few times in college, and now I cant understand why you ranked as the third best corner, it makes me sick to my stomach....heres the question, have you any interest playing for the Carolina Panthers, have they shown any interest in you??

Carlos Rogers: Not that I know of. Of course you never know until draft day.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Mark S. New York City: Will you miss the food at Sewell Hall?

Carlos Rogers: Ha.. definitly not.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Danny (Kansas City, MO): Which receiver in the NFL do you want to call you daddy

Carlos Rogers: Haven't thought about that yet!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>David (Raleigh): Carlos, who is better...Ronnie Lott or Deion Sanders? Which one would you rather play with?

Carlos Rogers: I'm biased. I like Deion.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>steve (corona, ny): Carlos, what do you think about junior rosegreen? Is he underrated or is he right where he should be. He was always a big hitter, especially coming to mind that shot on reggie brown in the georgia game.

Carlos Rogers: I think he's a good player. But you have to know what the teams are looking for. Do they want a hitter, a cover guy, a guy to lead the defense. From my standpoint, he's a good player.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Mike ( Chicago ): Carlos, do you think you can duplicate or perhaps even pass the production of some of last year's rookie CB's, most notably Dunta Robinson and Chris Gamble?

Carlos Rogers: Most definitly.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Dan (Auburn): Have you picked out a fly outfit for draft day and a good place to kick it once your selected?

Carlos Rogers: I got an outfit. But I'll be at home.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Mark S. New York City: Do you think that Auburn has any shot at a second straight undefeated season?

Carlos Rogers: Yeah, no doubt. They can do it but it won't be easy.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Joshua (Orange Park, Florida): What is your favorite coverage to play in? Man, 2, 3, 4? Better be man-to-man.

Carlos Rogers: Man to man!

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Danny (Kansas City, MO): Do you think you will have to transition from college coverage rules to the new tougher contact rules in the NFL

Carlos Rogers: It won't be easy. But I''ll get used to it pretty quick.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>David (San Anotnio): If you a Hall Of Fame career but no ring, would that be ok?

Carlos Rogers: That would be tough to do. But you have to retire at some point.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Chief (Ashburn): Carlos, has people been calling you up for loans, now that you are big time.

Carlos Rogers: Not yet.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Chase (St. Louis): What position would you want to play on offense?

Carlos Rogers: Wide receiver.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Joe (Huntsville,AL): Who's the toughest player you have ever played with?

Carlos Rogers: Mark Clayton.

<HR width="80%" noShade SIZE=1>Joe (Huntsville,AL): Carlos, man I need to borrow a c-note.

Carlos Rogers: Ha! If I give you a c-note, everybody will want a c-note!

I have to run to another interview but thanks for the questions! I really appreciate it. Be sure and check out my new website which will be going live here in about a week .. www.carlosrogers14.com! Take care!

04-15-2005, 02:48 PM
I'd love it if he got drafted and we got Surtain and both him and Surtain started and Warfield to nickle would be awesome.

Mr. Laz
04-15-2005, 02:49 PM
funny ... thanks for post!

04-15-2005, 04:15 PM
I think he's too talented to be there at 15. I hope he falls to us, but I have him rated as the 2nd best CB in the draft.

04-15-2005, 04:26 PM
Carlos Rogers: I'm not going to put spinners on.

thats enough for me.. draft him!

Mr. Laz
04-15-2005, 04:41 PM
I think he's too talented to be there at 15. I hope he falls to us, but I have him rated as the 2nd best CB in the draft.
he's pretty much my first choice ... i think i'd take him over Rolle at this point.

only guy that i want more is maybe Derrick Johnson.

Rogder = McCalister
Rolle = Ed Reed