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04-15-2005, 03:47 PM
Looks like a rockin good time

# DVD Release Date: March 29, 2005
# DVD Features:

* Available Audio Tracks: English (PCM Stereo)
* Over 3 hours of classic videos, live footage and TV appearances from 1975 to 1993
* Includes the classic home video titles “Clipped,” “Fly On The Wall” and “Who Made Who” - never before on DVD
* 12 page full-color DVD booklet
* 5 alternate video versions: It’s A Long Way To The Top/Jailbreak/Highway to Hell/You Shook Me All Night Long/Nervous Shakedown
* Full catalog discography
* DVD 1 (1975 - 1980)
* 1. Baby Please Don’t Go (live, April 1975)
* 2. Show Business (live, June 1975)
* 3. High Voltage (promo clip, June 1975)
* 4. It’s A Long Way To The Top (promo clip, February 1976)
* 5. T.N.T. (live, 1976)
* 6. Jailbreak (promo clip 1976)
* 7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live, December 1976)
* 8. Dog Eat Dog (promo clip, 1977)
* 9. Let There Be Rock (promo clip, 1977)
* 10. Rock N Roll Damnation (promo clip, 1978)
* 11. Sin City (from The Midnight Special, September 1978)
* 12. Riff Raff (live from Glascow, April 1978)
* 13. Fling Thing/Rocker (live from Glascow, April 1978)
* 14. Whole Lotta Rosie (Iive from BBC show “Rock Goes To
* College,” October 1978)
* 15. Shot Down In Flames (promo clip, July 1979)
* 16. Walk All Over You (promo clip, July 1979)
* 17. Touch Too Much (promo clip July 1979)
* 18. If You Want Blood (promo clip, July 1979)
* 19. Girls Got Rhythm (live from Aplauso TV Show, February 1980)
* 20. Highway To Hell (live from Aplauso TV Show, February 1980)
* DVD 2 (1980 -1993)
* 1. Hells Bells (promo clip, 1980
* 2. Back In Black (promo clip, 1980)
* 3. What Do You Do For Money Honey (promo clip, 1980)
* 4. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (promo clip, 1980)
* 5. Let’s Get it Up (live promo clip, 1981)
* 6. For Those About To Rock (live promo clip, 1983)
* 7. Flick Of The Switch (promo clip, 1984)
* 8. Nervous Shakedown (promo clip, 1984)
* 9. Fly On The Wall (promo clip, 1985)
* 10. Danger (promo clip, 1985)
* 11. Sink The Pink (promo clip, 1985)
* 12. Stand Up (promo clip, 1985)
* 13. Shake Your Foundations (promo clip, 1985)
* 14. Who Made Who (promo clip, 1986)
* 15. You Shook Me All Night Long (promo clip, 1985)
* 16. Heatseeker (promo clip, 1988)
* 17. That’s The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll (promo clip, 1988)
* 18. Thunderstruck (promo clip, 1990)
* 19. Moneytalks (promo clip, 1990)
* 20. Are You Ready (promo clip, 1991)
* Number of discs: 2

Editorial Reviews
Although this compilation ends fifteen years before its 2005 release, the double disc video summation of AC/DC’s colorful career from 1975-1990 is a bonanza for fans and an education for newcomers. Like fellow boogie veterans ZZ Top, these clips range from acceptable to embarrassingly dated, but through it all AC/DC’s intensity and trooper status remain intact.

Conveniently divided with 20 videos on each platter that split the band’s two vocalists (Disc 1, the Bon Scott era and Disc 2, the Brian Johnson years), this is a frills-free, no extras rundown of a journeyman outfit whose roaring blues rock hasn’t noticeably changed over the years. Still, lead guitarist Angus Young’s Chuck Berry on amphetamines duck walk, and the group’s thunderous, riff-happy sound remains a force of rock and roll nature, impervious to trends or fads.

There are some disappointing moments--the "Fly On The Wall" mini-movie of five tunes joined by a silly storyline with bad dancing, worse acting and substandard animation can charitably be considered a failed experiment--but the powerhouse energy of the Australian rockers never lags even in its weakest video moments.

This treasure trove of rare television appearances, promo clips and assorted odds and ends isn’t as much fun as seeing the group live, but delivers a history lesson along with a knockout, 2 ½ hour punch that’s nearly as potent. Hal Horowitz

It’s always been quite rare to see AC/DC - unless you go to their concerts. Television appearances, and later music videos, have always been a necessary evil to this band of nononsense rockers. Consequently, only their early years were documented on television - mostly in Australia and Europe - and when the time came to switch to promotional video clips, the band always made their own and gave them the appearance of a live show. But they’ve also never wasted an opportunity to make a big statement with their clips. From singer Bon Scott dressing like a school girl (to Angus Young’s school boy) and smoking(!) on their first major television appearance, to the giant rocking spectacle of the "Big Gun" video (with guest appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger), AC/DC has always been larger than life and their timeless brand of rock and roll has been as big on screen as it has off. Now for the first time Epic Records is proud to announce the first ever compilation of AC/DC videos from all parts of their storied career. Starting in 1975 on Australian TV’s Countdown show through the Spanish TV clips filmed just ten days before Bon Scott’s death - the first great era of the band is chronicled on Disc One. Disc Two starts with the promo videos for Back In Black (several never before available) and sees many of the 80’s and 90’s clips on DVD for the first time. This is truly a monumental collection of clips from one of the world’s greatest bands - all completely remastered for DVD with the same care as the Epic CD remasters and the Live At Donington DVD.

04-15-2005, 04:06 PM
i love acdc. They never made a sappy love song or bullshit like that