View Full Version : Square Pegs

Baby Lee
04-16-2005, 07:17 AM
Waking up early the last few weeks, I've discovered that HD-Net shows reruns on Square Pegs in HiDef at 7am. Man, what a mess. I tuned in to for the kitsch quality of seeing a teenage Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Nelson and Jamie Gertz. But OMFG, was that what sitcoms were like in the early '80's? Guess I didn't miss anything if that's the case. Even the dregs of today like 'Life on a Stick' and 'Hope and Faith' look like Shakespeare compared to that. No plot, pure stereotypical characters, raucous laughter at jokes that don't make any sense, and don't even appear to be jokes.
This morning had Bill Murray as a hip substitute teacher, and while Bill was his unavoidably funny self, it was 'take a shower and weep' creepy, as he formulated a 'teaching device' where the opposites in school got 'fake married' for a week, and he 'fake married' the teenage SJP, then proceeded to take her out to make snow angels, took her to the local diner, and took her dancing, and the lingering scenes of them 'almost' kissings time after time.

[creepy shudder]