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04-19-2005, 10:04 AM
here's the mock draft we came up....don't shoot the messenger.

1.01) San Francisco - QB Aaron Rodgers, California
Even though the 49ers seem to prefer Alex Smith, Rodgers is the hometown product and wants to play there so he will likely accept less money and seems to be the pick at this point. Don't buy the rumors of a trade down. The team has to stay here and get a franchise player, and they'll have a contract completed before they announce a name at the podium.

**Miami trades 1.02 to Tampa Bay for 1.05 and 2.36**
1.02) Tampa Bay (via Mia) - QB Alex Smith, Utah
The entire top part of the draft is a strategy game, and Gruden may have shown his cards too early. Now teams know that he has fallen in love with Smith, and he'll have to trade up to at least 2 or 3 to get him.

**Cleveland trades 1.03 to San Diego for 1.12 and 1.28**
1.03) San Diego - WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
Edwards is seen by most as the best player on the board. San Diego has the luxury of an extra first round pick here and can trade up here to grab a fantastic target to add to their array of offensive weapons.

1.04) Chicago - RB Cadillac Williams, Auburn
Cedric Benson is seen by many as the better fit in Chicago, but Cadillac Williams is the better player. The team doesn't seem to be interested in Mike Williams or Ronnie Brown and probably won't have a trade partner with the top three off the board, so it looks like Cedric or Cadillac here.

1.05) Miami (via TB) - RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn
Jackpot. Miami moves down three spots, gets the guy it wanted anyways, and gains a coveted high second round pick.

**Tennessee trades 1.06 to Houston for 1.13 and 2.47**
1.06) Houston (via Ten) - RB Cedric Benson, Texas
The Texans seem to really want to keep Benson in-state, and they fear he won't make it past both Minnesota and Arizona. The team has an extra third rounder, so they can burn the second to move up here and get the missing power RB they've coveted.

1.07) Minnesota - WR Mike Williams, USC
The chances that one of the two WRs makes it to the Vikings at 7 on draft day is probably about 50/50 at this point. No one knows yet what the team will do if one doesn't make it. They could consider Derrick Johnson, a defensive lineman, or even a secondary pick, but my hunch is that we might see Troy Williamson here if things don't turn out well above them.

1.08) Arizona - CB Antrell Rolle, Miami
It's no secret that Arizona's two major holes are at corner and running back. I am confident that they will have a plan going into the draft, and I think that plan still includes Travis Henry. Here they fill their hole at corner with the best in the draft, a gift at 8.

1.09) Washington - DE/OLB Shawne Merriman, Maryland
Merriman is a real wildcard in the draft. I've seen him projected as low as the late teens and as high as 3rd to Cleveland. My hunch is that at least a couple of the teams in the top 10 really like him, and he won't last long. The Skins keep him in the area and add another great athlete on defense.

1.10) Detroit - OLB Derrick Johnson, Texas
Detroit is a hard team to get a grasp on for draft day. I think that this spot at 10 is a great spot for a trade down, especially for a team interested in moving up to grab a particular DE or OLB type before the next few picks. If they stay here, they have a lot of options and should take the best guy on the board. That has to be Johnson here.

1.11) Dallas - DE/OLB DeMarcus Ware, Troy
Ware has been moving up draft charts for a few months already, and it looks now like he is a near lock for the top half of the first round. Dallas would love to snag him at 20, but fears that he won't make it there and is probably right. He adds a great pass rush and fits the 3-4 perfectly.

1.12) Cleveland (via SD) - DE/OLB David Pollack, Georgia
If Cleveland could move down to about this spot, it would be perfect for Romeo Crennel. The team is known to covet a 3-4 OLB type especially Merriman or Pollack and has an excellent chance to nab one here. Crennel is basically starting from scratch in Cleveland and will build the team how he wants it.

1.13) Tennessee (via Hou) - CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn
It just makes too much sense for Tennessee to trade down. The team's biggest need is at corner where they let both of last season's starters go, and it can move down into the 13-15 range and still get Rogers or Pacman Jones like it does here. I have Rogers ahead of Jones at this point, and I wouldn't be shocked if he was the first corner taken.

1.14) Carolina - OT Alex Barron, Florida State
This would have to be considered a dream scenario for the Panthers since tackle is probably their biggest need at this point. The team is in a good position at 14 to grab a fallen talent like Barron, Troy Williamson, or one of the three RBs.

1.15) Kansas City - CB Pacman Jones, West Virginia
The Chiefs are in good position for the draft as they should be able to get one of the top three corners at this pick. Pacman may slide a bit further than a few weeks ago because of a failed drug test, but he's worth the gamble for this defense, and Vermeil will love his speed and special teams ability.

1.16) New Orleans - DT Travis Johnson, Florida State
This pick could be almost anyone on defense for the Saints, and Johnson is simply the best available there. His stock could rise over these last days as he is far and away the best DT prospect on the board, especially with the recent news regarding Hawthorne and Castillo. Teams may jockey to move up and grab the only top talent guy there.

**Cincinnati trades 1.17 to Philadelphia for 1.31 and 2.63**
1.17) Philadelphia - WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
Williamson has moved up pretty high on teams' draft boards and could go as high as 7 or 9 on draft day if some things fall right. If he slides at all, there will be teams willing to pay for his speed, and Philadelphia might be one of them. They have five picks on day one, so they'll be a big mover, and they need a complement and eventual replacement for Terrell Owens.

1.18) Minnesota - DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
For the second year in a row, the Vikings select the most talented defensive end in the draft at a spot where he has dropped because of injury questions. If James and Udeze both hit, it gives the team the best young defensive line in the league.

1.19) St. Louis - S/OLB Thomas Davis, Georgia
The Rams are rumored to be in love with Davis' playmaking abilities and would love to add him to their team. They have an extra third rounder, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see them move up to 15 or earlier to get ahead of the Saints and Vikings to secure Davis if they feel like they need to.

1.20) Dallas - OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
Barnes is a huge mauler, a perfect fit on the Dallas line. He can come in and start right away and will give Julius Jones even bigger holes to bolt through.

1.21) Jacksonville - DE Marcus Spears, LSU
Spears could go as high as 11 or 12 and is a good fit for a 3-4, but he could also do as a 4-3 end here. The Jaguars have just signed Wiley and Hayward, so they could be leaning another direction here like corner, but Spears is too good of a talent to pass up at this point in the draft.

1.22) Baltimore - OT Jamaal Brown, Oklahoma
Baltimore's line is dominant but is not as good as the team would like it to be, particularly on the right side. Meet Jamaal Brown, the solution. He will start immediately and secure the team's strangehold on the title "Best line in the league."

1.23) Seattle - WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma
Clayton runs good routes and has great hands, two things that are sorely needed in a Seahawk uniform next season. With the Jamie Sharper signing, the team has a little bit more freedom now on draft day and could go for a lot of different guys here.

1.24) Green Bay - DE/OLB Matt Roth, Iowa
Green Bay is another team that really just needs to take the best defensive player available here, and that looks to be Roth. He is a great run stopper and would probably play a 4-3 end in the Packers' scheme.

1.25) Denver - CB Fabian Washington, Nebraska
Washington's top speed seems to have secured him as a late first round pick. He is a good complement in Denver to Champ Bailey, providing catch-up speed to complement Champ's more physical on-the-ball coverage.

1.26) NY Jets - TE Heath Miller, Virginia
The way it looks right now, Heath Miller could slide near the bottom of the first round to a contender like the Jets or Steelers. If he does, watch out for the effect he might have on that team's offense. Look no further than the tight end renaissance of the last couple of years to see what a great one can do for an offense.

1.27) Atlanta - WR Roddy White, UAB
Peerless Price may be as good as gone on June 1, since the team has to create cap room after the Hartwell signing. He probably won't be missed, but the Falcons need more receiving options anyways. White needs some room to develop, but if he and Michael Jenkins can develop some rapport with Vick, it could be something very special in a few years.

1.28) Cleveland (via SD) - DE/OLB Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
You can never have enough of these flexible tweeners in a 3-4 defense. Charlie Weis may not be on the same sideline as Crennel anymore, but that won't stop him from selling his top graduate to Romeo as a perfect fit opposite Pollack in the 3-4.

1.29) Indianapolis - CB Justin Miller, Clemson
Late news out of Clemson is that Miller has been arrested, but it doesn't look to be too serious and shouldn't drop Miller out of the first. The Colts are another team who will take the best player available on defense, and that is Miller here. He should start.

1.30) Pittsburgh - DT/DE Shaun Cody, USC
Cody is a hard name to place. He has been inconsistent during his college years, but he seems to always come up biggest in the biggest games. He could go much higher than this or could slide as well, but he's a great 3-4 end in Pittsburgh's scheme.

1.31) Cincinnati (via Phi) - OG/C David Baas, Michigan
Baas just seems like a Marvin Lewis sort of player. The team desperately needs a starting center, and Baas can be it while also providing flexibility to move to either guard position if necessary.

1.32) New England - ILB Barret Ruud, Nebraska
With the tragic news about Tedy Bruschi along with Ted Johnson's aging, the Patriots may need to scamble for another inside linebacker. Ruud may not be more talented than Crowder or Thurman, but he does not carry the character issues and baggage that those two have.


2.33) San Francisco - CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
Every pick for San Fran should be the best player available regardless of position.

2.34) Cleveland - QB Jason Campbell, Auburn
Campbell is really moving up boards and could even slip into the first.

2.35) Philadelphia - OLB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
Burnett is a good leader and is clearly the best OLB on the board after Derrick Johnson.

2.36) Miami (via TB) - WR Reggie Brown, Georgia
The Fins need a slot receiver, and Saban knows what Brown can do from his time at LSU.

2.37) Tennessee - S Brodney Pool, Oklahoma
The Titans covet secondary help and could even trade up from this spot to secure Pool, who they love.

2.38) Oakland - ILB Channing Crowder, Florida
What character issues? You'll fit right in with the Raiders.

2.39) Chicago - WR/TE Matt Jones, Arkansas
The Bears and Eagles are two of the teams that seem to be most interested in Jones, and he could still slip into the first.

2.40) New Orleans - CB Bryant McFadden, Florida State
Two Seminoles should go a long way toward improving the Saints defense.

2.41) Detroit - DE Dan Cody, Oklahoma
Cody seems to be sliding just a bit and is not the sort of tweener that teams are covetting like a few of the others in the first.

**Dallas trades 2.42 to St. Louis for 2.50 and 3.81**
2.42) St. Louis (via Dal) - OT Adam Terry, Syracuse
Pace is a question mark and Turley is gone. The team needed a starting tackle and gives up its extra 3rd to move up for Terry.

2.43) NY Giants - DT Mike Patterson, USC
Patterson is not a special defensive tackle prospect but may benefit from the other top DTs slipping due to recent news.

**Arizona trades 2.44 and LJ Shelton to Buffalo for 2.55 and Travis Henry**
2.44) Buffalo (via Ari) - DT Luis Castillo, Northwestern
Arizona gets its RB, and the Bills get a first round caliber guy who has slipped a bit with the recent steroids ordeal.

**Carolina trades 2.45 to Seattle for 2.54 and 3.85**
2.45) Seattle (via Car) - ILB Odell Thurman, Georgia
Thurman is far and away the best linebacker left, and Seattle has the picks to move up and get a guy to help Sharper.

**Kansas City trades 2.46 to Arizona for 3.75 and 3.95**
2.46) Arizona (via KC) - QB Adrian McPherson, Florida State
McPherson is a wildcard on draft day. The Cards agree to the Henry deal and drop down in the second with this KC deal already contingent so they can get the super-talented McPherson to complete the young offense.

2.47) Tennessee (via Hou) - RB JJ Arrington, California
The team is not confident in Chris Brown, and Arrington is a solid runner who can be counted on.

2.48) Cincinnati - S Josh Bullocks, Nebraska
Probably best defensive player available from here on out for the Bengals.

2.49) Minnesota - PK Mike Nugent, Ohio State
If Nugent isn't the pick here for Minnesota, I'll be as much dismayed as I am shocked.

2.50) Dallas (via StL) - S/OLB Ernest Shazor, Michigan
If Shazor can cut it at safety in the NFL, he and Roy Williams are a scary pair.

2.51) Green Bay - QB Charlie Frye, Akron
Frye is moving up draft boards and could even slide into the late first. The Packers simply have to take him if he falls here.

2.52) Jacksonville - RB Ciatrick Fason, Florida
Running back is not the biggest need here, but the Jaguars love Fason and would be ecstatic if he fell this far.

2.53) Baltimore - CB Corey Webster, LSU
Webster had a rough senior year but will be a good bargain and gives the Ravens the best corner trio in the league.

2.54) Carolina (via Sea) - RB Marion Barber, Minnesota
The Panthers knows that Davis will retire soon and do not have faith in Foster. Barber is a nice complement with starter ability.

2.55) Arizona (via Buf) - CB Ronald Bartell, Howard
Yes, they take two corners, don't kid yourself. The Cards current starting corners are Robert Tate and David Macklin.

2.56) Denver - WR Chris Henry, West Virginia
Henry has as much talent as any other receiver in this draft, but he sure is a headcase.

2.57) NY Jets - CB/S Brandon Browner, Oregon State
Browner was a first round prospect not long ago, but speed concerns have dropped him, and he may have to convert to safety.

2.58) Green Bay - S Donte Nicholson, Oklahoma
The Packers desperately need some safety help. Nicholson is experienced and can start right away.

2.59) Atlanta - CB/S Eric Green, Virginia Tech
The secondary could still use some work. DeAngelo Hall can't cover everyone.

2.60) Indianapolis - ILB Robert McCune, Louisville
McCune is falling because he's 26, but that maturity is just what the doctor ordered for this defense.

2.61) San Diego - OLB Darryl Blackstock, Virginia
Blackstock is a 3-4 OLB only. He has to go to just the right team or he'll be a complete bust.

2.62) Pittsburgh - TE Alex Smith, Stanford
The team would have to feel fortunate to add a very good tight end here without having had to trade up for him.

2.63) Cincinnati (via Phi) - DT Ronald Fields, Mississippi State
The Bengals will definitely need to address DT on draft day, and Fields may be as good as anyone not named Johnson.

2.64) New England - WR Terrence Murphy, Texas A&M
New England needs depth at receiver, and Murphy strikes one as a perfect fit in that corps.


3.65) San Francisco - DT Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa
Again probably the best player available at this spot for the 49ers.

3.66) St. Louis - CB Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma
He's a little bit undersized, but he's speedy and can contribute on special teams. Bring it on, says Martz.

3.67) Cleveland - OT Wesley Britt, Alabama
The Browns can use some offensive line help, and Britt is a potential starter.

3.68) Tennessee - OT Chris Colmer, North Carolina State
Time for a run on offensive tackles. The Titans need youth badly on their line.

3.69) Oakland - DE Chris Canty, Virginia
The Raiders seem to have set their offense, but the defense needs some serious work.

3.70) Miami - OT Michael Roos, Eastern Washington
Roos is rising and could be a second round choice now, with definite starting potential at tackle.

3.71) Tampa Bay - WR Jerome Mathis, Hampton
Mathis opened eyes at the combine with his 40 speed, and speed is exactly what Tampa must add on offense.

3.72) Detroit - OT Ray Willis, Florida State
The Lions decided against Barron in the first round, opting for the Noles' other tackle here in the third.

3.73) Houston - OT Jeremy Parquet, Southern Mississippi
Five tackles within seven picks? Not likely, but these guys should all go on day one of the draft.

3.74) NY Giants - OG/OT Marcus Johnson, Mississippi
Johnson is versatile and can play any position on the line. He'll be a welcome face for Eli.

**Kansas City trades 3.75 to Miami for Patrick Surtain**
3.75) Miami (via KC from Ari) - OLB Michael Boley, Southern Mississippi
KC trades down from the second to get two 3s, then moves one for Surtain. Miami adds some youth at linebacker.

3.76) Washington - WR Fred Gibson, Georgia
Gibson adds some size to a very small Redksins receivers corps.

3.77) Philadelphia - RB Eric Shelton, Louisville
The one aspect of the game that wasn't there last season for the Eagles was a power run game. Meet Eric Shelton.

3.78) Houston - DE/OLB Trent Cole, Cincinnati
Cole is another tweener who fits well in a 3-4 system like the Texans'.

3.79) Carolina - WR/TE Vincent Jackson, Northern Colorado
Jackson is unproven against major talent but has some time to develop in Carolina.

3.80) Minnesota - OG Logan Mankins, Fresno State
Dixon is probably gone, so Minnesota will have to use a 3rd or 4th round pick to find a replacement.

3.81) Dallas (via StL) - WR Roscoe Parrish, Miami
The Cowboys add some much needed speed to a sluggish receiving corps.

3.82) New Orleans - OLB Matt McCoy, San Diego State
McCoy is a fast riser and could go much higher than this. He gives the Saints their third new starter on defense.

3.83) Cincinnati - ILB Lance Mitchell, Oklahoma
Mitchell is not the top fundamental linebacker, but he plays hardnosed football, Marvin Lewis style.

3.84) Baltimore - DE Jovan Haye, Vanderbilt
The Ravens are adding more 4-3 packages this year, and Haye can help with a line rotation.

3.85) Carolina (via Buf) - S Gerald Sensabaugh, North Carolina
The fans in Carolina already love this guy, and he's probably the best special teams guy in the draft as well.

3.86) Buffalo - ILB Alfred Fincher, Connecticut
The draft is full of intriguing inside linebacker prospects. Fincher can learn from one of the best in Spikes.

3.87) Jacksonville - CB Darrent Williams, Oklahoma State
Williams is definitely the best corner on the board, and it's a position of need for the Jags.

3.88) NY Jets - DT Attiyah Ellison, Missouri
Ellison is considered a better prospect than his teammate CJ Mosley and can give the Jets some depth on the line.

3.89) Green Bay - DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
Hawthorne is dropping like a rock after the recent news, but maybe the fans in Wisconsin will give him another chance.

3.90) Atlanta - OG Elton Brown, Virginia
The only thing Brown has shown off this offseason is his poor attitude, but his gameplay speaks for itself.

3.91) Tampa Bay - RB Ryan Moats, Louisiana Tech
Moats has the look of a RB from a smaller school who has good skills but is a bit small and may fall because of it.

3.92) Indianapolis - DT CJ Mosley, Missouri
Another pick, another defender added to the mess that is the Colts' defense.

3.93) Pittsburgh - WR Mark Bradley, Oklahoma
The Steelers probably need to add another name to the mix now that Burress has left, and Bradley is not flashy but is solid.

3.94) Philadelphia - OG Evan Mathis, Alabama
The Eagles could use some offensive line depth. Mathis will allow last year's first rounder Shawn Andrews to move outside.

3.95) Kansas City (via Ari) - WR Courtney Roby, Indiana
The Chiefs haven't had a good WR for years. Roby has speed and good hands but might just be another Kennison.

3.96) Tennessee - QB Andrew Walter, Arizona State
Steve McNair can't have much left, and Walter will have a few valuable years behind him to develop.

3.97) Denver - P Dustin Colquitt, Tennessee
Colquitt is the best punter to come out in awhile, and the Broncos sorely need one.

3.98) Seattle - DE George Gause, South Carolina
Wistrom is fine at one end, but the Seahawks could use some help on the rest of the defensive line.

3.99) Kansas City - DE/OLB Bill Swancutt, Oregon State
Swancutt is simply the best defender left on the board at this point.

3.100) New England - QB David Greene, Georgia
Greene has a winner's attitude and has intangibles. Brady needs a backup.

3.101) Denver - S Oshiomogho Atogwe, Stanford
Lynch is old and overrated, and the Broncos secondary really underperformed last year when the team needed it most.

Mr. Kotter
04-19-2005, 10:06 AM
I did this thread last year....heh.

Rain Man
04-19-2005, 10:07 AM
So what did we give up for Surtain in this deal?

04-19-2005, 10:08 AM
It's hard to give this mock much credit when you have the very 1st pick wrong.

Chiefs Pantalones
04-19-2005, 10:08 AM
A lot of the mocks I've seen have the Chiefs taking Pac Man Jones with the #15 pick.

Mr. Kotter
04-19-2005, 10:10 AM
All that for Jones, Roby, and Surtain.....not bad; but I don't like Jones, and I want DE addressed.

04-19-2005, 10:13 AM
**Kansas City trades 3.75 to Miami for Patrick Surtain**
3.75) Miami (via KC from Ari) - OLB Michael Boley, Southern Mississippi
KC trades down from the second to get two 3s, then moves one for Surtain. Miami adds some youth at linebacker.

pretty good. I like that.

04-19-2005, 10:14 AM
I don't get why TB makes that trade with Miami in the 1st? They can probably get Smith in the 5 hole........oh well

Chiefs Pantalones
04-19-2005, 10:15 AM
I read one mock where the Chiefs take Justin Miller CB Clemson. WTF?

04-19-2005, 10:16 AM
I don't think Blackstock falls that far in the second.

04-19-2005, 10:17 AM
I'm calling this B.S...did anybody happen to read the other thread, Carl said if we do happen to acquire Surtain, he'd have to sign with the Dolphins first, and his contract is then traded to us....If a trade had to be worked out between the Chiefs and the fins, it'd have to happen BEFORE the draft. Getting Surtain seems like a long long ways for us right now.

04-19-2005, 02:01 PM
Shoot the messenger. :bang:

04-19-2005, 02:09 PM
I read one mock where the Chiefs take Justin Miller CB Clemson. WTF?

Miller will be a good CB, but he is not 1st rd material. If he falls to us in the 2nd rd, I would jump.

04-19-2005, 02:39 PM
I want another good/healthy OLB!!!!!!!

04-19-2005, 02:39 PM
2.38) Oakland - ILB Channing Crowder, Florida
What character issues? You'll fit right in with the Raiders.

I'd be really pissed if this happened. Crowder will be a stud for many many years.