View Full Version : AFC West 2001,your veiws on the future ?

12-22-2000, 11:59 AM
IMHO,My veiws of the west for next year are,

Oakland..not as good as this year,record wise,will have tougher sch. to go with sophmore jinks of a div.champ!

Denver.. Will be tuff,but they won't have the weaker sch. next year!

Seattle..will be back,look for Trent Green to be there,improved recievers,..very tuff next year!

SD..still in the crapper !

KC..We all know what the Chiefs need!

KC and Seattle will have a weaker sch than Denver and Oakland,with all this in mind..Next year could be very interesting!

I for 1 can't wait till the sch's come out!

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12-22-2000, 12:54 PM
Interesting take, and of course a LOT will change between now and then. I think we have four of the NFC East next year; Giants, Eagles, Skins, Cowboys, and Cards.<BR>

12-22-2000, 05:55 PM
Well, I don't think we're going to improve as long as we have Gun and the stooges. And if he gets them to 8-8, he gets to stay. Sad, but true...

Mediocrity is okay with Carl and Lamar...<BR>