View Full Version : Where the HELL is Burntee & McLeon???

04-20-2005, 12:09 PM

Stats Inc. does a study of what it calls, "burned defenders." Stats counts the number of times cornerbacks are targeted and how many times they get burned. From last year's tapes, Stats determined that Gary Baxter of Baltimore, Anthony Henry of the Browns and Fred Smoot of the Redskins were among the 12 most burned defenders in pro football, having between 57 and 63 passes completed on them. Combined, the trio gave up nine touchdowns, according to Stats Inc.

Don't know if either of them got enough playing time as a whole to be on top of this list!!!!

But my guess if they started and finished EVERY game at cornerback they would of had the list named after them.

I guess if these guys were among the top 12 then Burntee and McLeon could still be in the top 5 but not recognized as a shutdoiwn type corner.

Just a guess.