View Full Version : Baseball's All-Porn Mustache Team

siberian khatru
04-21-2005, 02:00 PM

Some highlights:

Catcher: Mike Piazza

The ‘Italian Stallion’ of the squad, you can just see Piazza rolling through a yellow light in his Iroc-Z with the T-Tops wide open and his mustache blowing in the wind. He’s also probably eating a slice of pie that’s folded in half and dripping grease all over his mustache and his pleather interior.

Third Base: Mike Schmidt

Schmiddy’s coif and mustache look so good, it almost makes you want to cry. Apparently he felt the same way during his Hall of Fame induction speech, when he bawled like a fat girl with no date to the prom. Stand up to piss. For Christ’s sake, Mike, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Relief Pitcher: Rod Beck

“I’m Rod Beck. I live in a trailer. I drink beer. I have a porn ‘stache. **** you!”

Relief Pitcher: Rollie Fingers

He was born with a porn name and he has the second most famous mustache of all time (next to the Hitler of course). It’s rare for a dude to get a perm. Rollie said ‘**** that’ and got his mustache permed.

04-21-2005, 02:05 PM
my list includes ned flanders dale earnhardt