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12-24-2000, 02:37 PM
In 1595 Nostradamus wrote:
"In the last year of the Millenium, the city of the righteous shall suffer indignities, there will be wailing amid the bitter ashes of defeat. Their red clad warriors will suffer loss at the hands of the dark horde not once, not twice, but thrice. A mighty leader will abandon the righteous and do battle against them while leading the wicked, and he shall wear black. Thus shall you know him. The horde of the righteous shall struggle with the weak, but overthrow the mighty, showing what might have been given captains of sound judgement. Darkness shall descend on the land, and the people will cry out for relief via draft position and free agency. With the new Millenium, those captains who are false will be summoned to the tent of the Chieftain and they shall be cast down. Joy will then be given rein in the land of the righteous, but in the city on the bay and in the city of the mountain lamentations will arise, as these false captains are revealed and driven out with curses. For the wicked had great benefit from their false judgements. With new captains of sound judgement to lead them the red clad warriors of the faithful will take the field and crush their foes, victory shall be theirs and they shall reach even unto the promised land. And verily, celebrations and tailgating will be held in the streets of the city of the righteous, burnt offerings on every fire will send smoke rising to the heavens and joy will be upon the land. Except in the city of the mountain and the city on the bay, where mutterings and many dark oaths will be made. For yea and verily, they know not right from wrong, nor their *** from their elbow."<BR>