View Full Version : Look out for the Seahawks...

12-24-2000, 07:19 PM
I think they have around 30 young players with two or less years in their books.With the two top 10 draft picks + money to sign three top free agents(I think Drew Bledsoe will be one of them) + excellant coaching staff, this team will be a team to look out in the next couple of years. It is going to be tough with Seattle in our division IMHO.Thoughts?

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Truman in KC
12-24-2000, 07:33 PM
R&GM, Don't we have just as young of a team as the peehawks? Look how many rookies and second year players we had playing this year that are only going to get better in the future! As far as coaching staff goes, hasn't holmgren had pretty much the same success in seatle as Gun has in KC, minus one playoff loss? However, people call Gun an idiot and holmgren a god. Am I missing something here? As far as I'm concerned, the Chiefs are THE TEAM to beat in the afc west next year.

Actually, I don't even think the peehawks will be in the afc west next year.

12-24-2000, 07:44 PM

You are missing something. Holmgren doesn't have a QB and he will be looking for one this year.He doesn't waste time in fixing his football team needs. You think this **** with D and STeams that flies in KC would fly in Seattle with Holmgren? I think not.

Lurker Brett
12-24-2000, 09:19 PM
Gonzo you must have seen a helluva lot more this year than I did. There will be no significant changes to this team through FA, and only hope can come from the draft. The hawks probably are only in our division one more year, and it may take another year for them to gel. As far as the difference between Holmgren and Gunther, Holmgren didn't have the talent, but they battled in every game. Much more than I can say about the team that represented KC, in Atlanta today.

Truman in KC
12-24-2000, 09:44 PM
Exactly, there will be no significant changes next year. Except maybe some new assistant coaches. We already have a record setting offense. We have plenty of talent on the defense, we just need someone to coordinate them better. If we could just get a decent kick returner, special teams might not be so bad either. Well, I guess I'll just have to meet you guys back here in 1 year to compare who did better.