View Full Version : Chiefs should draft #12

12-24-2000, 05:03 PM
I've been doing some math and I think Jacksonville's going to end up with a higher opponent's winning percentage. I don't think there's any chance of catching Carolina, unless, of course, they win (highly unlikely).

12-25-2000, 02:28 AM
I think 12 is right on. We finished with the same record as Carolina, but since we beat them they'll get 11. Oh well.

Probably not such a bad thing that we lost today.

Mile High Mania
12-25-2000, 02:41 AM
Areas of need for our first pick: RB, LB, DT.

I think Gun is high on O'Neil so I'd expect a DT or RB with our number one. What do you guys think?


12-25-2000, 11:41 PM
IMHO, the Chiefs finished just "good" enough to screw them out of an impact draft pick. it seems that they can't even screw things up correctly. If most of the present coaching staff is the same it won't matter eho they draft. I'd still acquire a FREE AGENT RB and DRAFT DEFENSE. I'd go OLB, DT, CB.

12-26-2000, 08:33 AM
Here is the draft order according to NFLTalk.com


Brian K.

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