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Chief Nathan
12-27-2000, 10:31 AM
He is a restricted FA...I would not want to give up a 1st and 3rd especially considering how high our 1st rounder is but would love to work a trade that would involve a little less...Say a 2nd and 4th. That SOB runs real hard and has great hands...Only knock on him was staying healthy and he proved this year that is not really a problem. McGinnis loves him and does not want to lose him but considering what they have invested in Thomas Jones they might be willing to make a move...

Any thoughts?

12-27-2000, 10:35 AM
If Gun was not here, maybe, but since Gun will most likely be here I don't think he is big name enough to kill the committee.

Chief Nathan
12-27-2000, 10:49 AM

Good point, but if Gun stays on as coach it doesn't really matter who plays RB...They just as well sign me cause we won't win regardless who lugging the ball.

12-27-2000, 10:57 AM
jl80 - On that I will disagree, just because of the fact that it is the stooges that Gun lets control the game during the game.

Chief Nathan
12-27-2000, 10:59 AM
And for that reason alone makes him a horrible coach...

12-27-2000, 12:57 PM

Why not just use Moreau if they're not going to go out and get a HB with more talent than TRich?

Chief Nathan
12-27-2000, 01:04 PM
Granted there is little reason to watch them, but obviously you guys have not watched Pittman much if you think TRich has more talent as a primary ball carrier...Despite all of the politics that come along with high draft picks and salaries, Pittman was able to supplant the 6th overall pick in the draft firmly on the bench...