View Full Version : Hoover's Draft Day

04-25-2005, 09:02 AM
Owning your own business can sometimes really suck. I had fundraisers on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, so no draft for me. The good news is the Chicago Sports station carried the entire draft so I could listen in as I traveled across Iowa.

So at 11 am on Saturday, Hoov kisses the wife and heads out to NE Iowa. Round one is just way too long. But I would here the pick, then hit the CD in my car listen to 2 songs, then back to the draft intime for the next pick. It was great.

The First round was very exciting when Tennessee was up, when they took Pacman, I was shocked. Could Rolle and Mike Williams last to 15. If so I was really hoping for the Chiefs to trade down. But with the Run on CBs, then Detroit taing Williams, Hoover started to pray that DJ would be there.

I was really pumped to get DJ. Not only is he fast, but now he has something to prove. I think we got one hell of a OLB, and it was our biggest need on this team. I just hope that Fujita or Babrber will be able to play on the other side.

After the DJ pick I really wondered what the Chiefs would do after that. The punter was kinda wierd, but understandable. But the addition of a CB and LB really made me happy.

I think the defense is on the move. I'm very excited!

Skip Towne
04-25-2005, 09:21 AM
Your day sounded very exciting. Actually, the first round is too long to suit me but the teams need time to wheel and deal.