View Full Version : With what we have done in the offseason......

04-25-2005, 01:45 PM
and with absolutely the worst D the last 2 years, I can't see how we won't be in the playoffs this year. We managed to win 7 games last season with no help from our D. To add insult to injury we lose Boe and our #1 Draft Choice, Wilson for the season right at the start of 04, and Priest out at the midway point. We were a team in disarray, and we still managed to squeeze out 7 games.

I know it's early but I'm predicting a minimum of 11 wins this year, and a minimum of 1 win in the playoffs. This team has heart, and want to get that bad taste out of their mouths from last year. High expectations turned to below average results. The players and coaches have a lot to prove, which will translate to huge motivation to kick ass this year, especially with Vermeil retiring from football, and some veterans realizing this could be it for them as well.