View Full Version : Has anyone heard about this?

12-28-2000, 04:29 PM
In a tirade that reportedly brought Chiefs head coach Gunther Cunningham to the brink of tears, CB James Hasty blasted the coach for his 'I' attitude, referring to the coach's apparent boasting about what he, Cunningham, had accomplished, while placing the blame for the Chiefs' Year 2000 failures on players and assistants. 'I felt like it needed to be said,' said Hasty. 'You have to take responsibility on yourself. Somebody had to say something.' Teammate Kimble Anders weighed in: 'All season, I heard a lot of `I built this' and `I built that.' I guess that's what he felt he needed to do to try to make a point that we should respect what he's done.'

I haven't been keeping up on the news, but this doesn't sound good.


Gracie Dean
12-28-2000, 04:31 PM
Yeah, it's been discussed but maybe the topic dropped to the second page. The subject is pretty clear so you may want to go find it.

12-28-2000, 04:32 PM
It's been brought up. It happened three days before the last home game, against the donx.