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Pitt Gorilla
04-30-2005, 11:12 PM
Oklahoma baseball coach not coaching but is not suspended either



The Dallas Morning News
NORMAN, Okla. - (KRT) - Oklahoma officials have made no decision Saturday about whether baseball coach Larry Cochell would keep his position after using racially derogatory language during two ESPN interviews.

OU athletic director Joe Castiglione did not want to comment, other than to say Cochell's status had not changed. Castiglione announced Friday night that he had removed Cochell from his position and named Sunny Golloway the interim head coach indefinitely.

The school is not terming this a suspension. According to OU officials, Cochell is simply not coaching the team as they investigate whether he used a racial epithet while speaking with ESPN announcers Gary Thorne and Kyle Peterson in separate pregame interviews on Tuesday.

Cochell apologized for the remarks in a news release Friday. The coach did not return a message left for him Saturday.

According to Thorne, Cochell used a racial epithet after complimenting freshman outfielder Joseph Dunigan about his schoolwork. The network reported that Cochell told Thorne, "There's no (racial epithet) in him."

Peterson said Cochell used a similar comment later during their pregame talk and then added, "Dunigan is a good black kid."

Dunigan, who is black, did not want to comment after OU's 7-1 loss to Nebraska on Saturday.

"Joe's a young man that is truly wise beyond his years," Golloway said. "He truly understands that there was nothing negative toward him. I know in the big realm that sounds crazy. But Joe knows that nobody attacked Joe Dunigan."