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05-18-2005, 11:02 PM
May 18, 2005, 2:42:22 PM

Q: How was your first day back?

GONZALEZ: ďIt feels good to be back. Itís coming along. I am doing my rehab thing and Iím doing a lot of balance drills. I am not running full speed on it yet, but Iím doing a lot of box jumps, plyometrics, and medicine ball workouts. Iím just taking it easy. We have plenty of time.Ē

Q: So when are you going to be practicing then, mini camp?

GONZALEZ: ďLike I said before I did the same thing last year and I took off the whole off-season besides in the weights. Iíll be doing all the weights. I will probably just wait until camp and just wait and see how it goes. I had a pretty good year last year, so I donít think Iím should change too much.Ē

Q: You played in a lot of pain last year. Is that a different scenario for you this year?

GONZALEZ: ďAs of right now it is still pretty painful because it is still healing. Basically what they did they went in and cut out a piece of that bone (spur) and now there is nothing in that space. So everything has to heal back and get back to normal. It is still in that process right now and it still gives me a little bit of pain. Iím pretty confident by the beginning of the season Iíll be fine.Ē

Q: You said you had a good season last year, but how much did the injury affect your performance? Was it even a factor?

GONZALEZ: ďOh yeah, it was a factor (laughs). You know what the biggest problem with me was that I was able to go full speed for an hour, an hour and a half. After that was when that it started hurting, so towards the end of games is when it started to get really painful for me, but at that point adrenaline kicks in and you just have to play the game. So really I canít say it affected me during the games. It affected me more during practice. I didnít want to take all the Tylenol and cortisone shots during the week. I just waited until game day to do that. Ē

Q: What are your thoughts on what the team did in the off-season?

GONZALEZ: Ē(laughs) Do you see the smile on my face? I mean its going to be a good year. Itís now or never as far as Iím concerned. Itís going to be the best team on paper that I have ever been on. If we donít go out and get the job done this year there is something wrong with us. We have three great new players and a lot of guys coming back. They made some switches on defense like moving (CB William) Bartee going to safety and some other good things. Itís exciting right now. All the fans out in Kansas City should be very excited. I know the guys on the team are very excited and we are looking forward to this year.Ē

Q: When do you expect to be totally healthy and ready to play?

GONZALEZ: ďIím hoping for training camp. Thatís when it really starts to count.Ē

Q: They made all these moves on the defensive side of the ball. How do you feel about the offense?

GONZALEZ: ďWe have one of the best offenses in the league as far as Iím concerned and we have been able to prove that for the last three years. We have been on top in a lot of categories. As long as we can maintain what we are doing on offense and pick up that slack that we have been missing on defense, then we will get the job done. Iím real excited.Ē

Q: Are you allowed to do anything on it (the foot)?

GONZALEZ: ďYeah Iím doing plyos (plyometrics), box jumps and jump rope. I am not really running on it yet. Iím just hanging out and relaxing right now and having a good time, but mainly just waiting for this thing to get rolling. Ē

05-18-2005, 11:11 PM
He's going to be fine. I hoping for a big year

05-18-2005, 11:20 PM
He's going to be fine. I hoping for a big year

They probably should ask him again tommorrow just to be sure.