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I am sure that this is probably a repeat, but I wanted to bring this to the front for the persons who were giving me crap for being totally confident that Kleiza wouldn't be back at MU....

Kleiza chooses pros over MU


The Kansas City Star

A confident — and almost cocky — Linas Kleiza closed the door on his college basketball career at Missouri on Tuesday, electing to leave his name on the selection list for the June 28 NBA draft.

Where he may wind up, either in the NBA or the European pro leagues, Kleiza isn’t sure.

“That’s a good question,” he said in an interview with The Star on Tuesday, as he confirmed his intentions to bypass his final two seasons of eligibility at Missouri. “I don’t know. I just want to go. This has been a dream all my life.”

And that, ultimately, led to Kleiza leaving the Tigers at a time when coach Quin Snyder, under pressure to end a two-year absence from the NCAA Tournament, might well have needed last season’s leading scorer and rebounder to stay in Columbia.

“Coach Snyder is a great coach,” Kleiza said. “It’s not about one player.”

Tuesday was the final day that undergraduate players could withdraw from the NBA draft and return to their college teams. The fact that Kleiza passed up that option drew nothing but support from Snyder.

“Linas has received positive feedback from several people around the NBA during his workouts over the course of the past month,” Snyder said. “He’s impressed them.

“This has been his dream. And really, everybody wins. The Tigers, Linas.”

Kleiza, during an interview Monday with The Star, all but tipped his hand to what was long viewed as inevitable.

“I talked to Milwaukee, and they said they were going to take me with their first pick,” Kleiza said.

Milwaukee, of course, has the overall first pick of the draft. And the Bucks are definitely not going to use it to pick Kleiza, a 6-foot-8 forward who is projected to be the 42nd overall pick by the Golden State Warriors in a mock draft by NBADraft.net.

“I was just (messing) with you,” Kleiza said, laughing. “It was a joke.”

Kleiza said that he had worked out “for about 10 teams.”

If Kleiza doesn’t wind up signing with an NBA team, he could wind up in a European league, possibly in his native Lithuania or on an Italian team.

“Oh, definitely,” Kleiza said. “I’m European. I’ve got a passport. No matter what happens, I’ll be OK.”

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I already admitted that it was probably last week's news, so your response was redundant.....

I don't get on here as much as everyone else, so sometimes I am a day late, dollar short.

I just wanted to give buddha a little razzing for giving me a hard time earlier this year when I stated i was confident that Kleiza wouldn't return, and he disagreed.


Ultra Peanut
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25 Seattle Joey Graham
Joey Graham can go to hell as far as Im concerned. I was walking down the street with my grandmother, who is a very active 84 years old, and Joey pushed her into a puddle of mud and told me to go **** myself. I was startled at first that anyone could do such a thing. Luckily, my keen eye caught the fact that the kid in question was wearing an Oklahoma State basketball jersey and it had the same number that I think I remember Joey Graham having. Obvious character issues.

26 Detroit Linus Kleiza
What people may not know about Linus is that he has a heart of gold. This young man helped pick my grandmother up when she was lying facedown in a puddle of mud (thanks to All-American loser Joey Graham) and his smile brought a certain unforgivable happiness to my world again. I asked him what his name was and it wasnt Linus Kleiza but it was close enough. What a great young man. Detroit should draft him.

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I just wanted to give buddha a little razzing \


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