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Marco Polo
07-07-2005, 06:23 PM

Overview: Crosby left Union, South Carolina in 2001 amid ranking by some that he was the top prep receiver in 2001; a year that featured future first round picks Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Williams, and Michael Clayton. Crosby has consistently demonstrated 4.4 speed to go along with his toned 6’2, 218 pound frame. Crosby showed a big play flair in his limited time while at Clemson. After struggling with a sprained knee and broken nose early in his first season, Crosby caught 21 passes in his final six games. This includes ten catches for 208 yards and three touchdowns in his final two contests, one of which was Clemson’s victory in the 2001 Humanitarian Bowl. He finished third in the ACC in yards per reception (17.2) and broke the Clemson first year freshman records for most receptions (27) and receiving yardage (465).

Considered just as talented a baseball player as football, Crosby was selected in the second round of the 2001 draft by the Kansas City Royals. A terrible elbow injury, and the resulting Tommy John surgery, derailed his promising baseball career before he ever played a game. Both baseball and football then were put on hold when an automobile accident claimed the lives of three of Crosby’s closest friends who were coming to visit Crosby and console him about his elbow. Fifteen months later, Crosby’s younger brother drowned in Lake Hartwell, a lake only minutes from Crosby’s boyhood home.

Positives: Intriguing combination of size, speed, and athletic ability. Dominated competition in high school, leading some to classify him as the elite receiving prospect in a year that also featured future first round picks Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Williams, and Michael Clayton. Made an immediate impact on collegiate football; ranking third in the ACC in yards per reception (17.2) as an 18 year old freshman. NFL quarterback Shaun King spoke of Crosby’s good hands and route-running skills after their June 10th workout together. Can pluck and protect the ball quickly. Agile athlete with nimble feet. Considered a quality person with no history of on or off-field trouble. Only 22 years old.

Negatives: Has participated in one football game in the past three years. Teams have concerns over his ability to deal with the inevitable mental and emotional struggles of being a professional athlete, when considering his tragic past. While fast, there are some concerns regarding his quickness and change of direction skills. Despite his size, isn’t known as an aggressive football player and has dropped passes when absorbing a big hit.

Workout Watch: Has had two workouts thus far, with another one scheduled for July 12th. Four forty times in the previous workouts have ranged from a 4.39 to a 4.48. Broad jump: 10.25. Bench Press (225 pounds): 18 repetitions. Last workout (July 1st) was cut short due to slippery surfaces and some muscle strain likely caused by heat (100+). The July 12th workout will only feature the positional WR drills, short shuttle, 3-cone right now, but may also contain the forty again, if scouts request it. This workout will occur inside at the Columbia, South Carolina PLEX facility to protect the effort against inclement weather. A total of 17 teams were represented at the July 1st workout.

Draft Stock: Crosby has likely shown enough in workouts and interviews to be drafted. Teams are still concerned over his reputation of being a much faster than quick player. Rumors of incredibly slow short shuttle and cone drills will dog Crosby until he is able to prove them inaccurate. Crosby is expected to be selected in the 6th to 7th round, though it is possible for his draft stock to move up or down by at least a round based on his final workout. Dallas, Kansas City, Carolina, and Seattle are among those known to be interested.Dallas, Kansas City, Carolina, and Seattle are among those known to be interested.

Marco Polo
07-07-2005, 06:28 PM
I'd give up a 6th rounder next year for him, wouldn't you?

the Talking Can
07-07-2005, 06:38 PM
damn, what did he do to piss off god?

07-07-2005, 06:42 PM
why not take a gander, it sucks what happend to him, i remember he was a potential star in hte making when the royals drafted him.

J Diddy
07-07-2005, 06:50 PM
Well they're doing a fine job of keeping it a secret.