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07-28-2005, 11:50 PM
Since I moved from KC over ten years ago, I crave getting my Chiefs information. At first, before I got online, I actually ordered the Star sent to my California residence just for the sports page, that was the year of the Grbac fiasco. Once I got a computer, I joined the Star discussion board there and then went to Chiefsplanet once that board went down for an overhaul. I hunt and peck my way through the options of what is possible on these and other boards at the same rate that I type!

Anyway, this a rather long way of saying that I just clicked onto my profile and the "rep" page came up. I'm still not too familiar with all the ins and outs of the rep system, but I wanted to say thankyou to those that sent some my way. I don't post much, I use the site to get the football discussions and rumors that I used to hash out with my buddies at any one of the fine drinking establishments (and a few not so fine ones) back in KC. Most of my friends were bartenders, and some actually met some of the Chiefs brass and personell. Without that link anymore, for better or for worse, I rely on you guys!

I'll post infrequently on some political banter, and as my misspelled (so as to remind me nobody is perfect and to try and maintain some humility) ID indicates, a few religious topics, and I follow along on the game threads when the game isn't televised out here.

So, thanks again, I'm really looking forward to this season, hope it is the magical one!


07-29-2005, 12:54 AM
First, welcome back. It's been a while.

2nd, I can't wait to point out how FOS you are in the wing-tard forum...