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This guy must have eaten the brown acid. ROFL

Florida Police Search for Naked Tickler

The Associated Press

Thursday, July 21, 2005; 8:35 PM NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Police say one man could be responsible for a string of bizarre break-ins over four years involving a naked perpetrator who sometimes tickles the feet of sleeping elderly women.

The latest break-ins happened Saturday and Sunday in two separate homes, but investigators suspect the same man is responsible for five similar, unsolved cases reported in the area since 2001.

New Smyrna Beach police ay they've been unable to catch him in part because they haven't had much evidence.

The incidents vary slightly, but most of the victims are over 60, said police Cmdr. Wade Kirby.

Usually the intruder is naked, but sometimes partially clothed, Kirby said. Sometimes he tickles the women's feet, as he allegedly did Saturday night, and sometimes he's discovered and flees before touching them, Kirby said.

Each time the man ran off after being noticed.

Kirby said police know only that the suspect is white, thin and appears young.

"There's not been a lot to go on there," he said.New Smyrna Beach is 44 miles northeast of Orlando.

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I thought gochiefs was in Springfield?

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I thought gochiefs was in Springfield?

It's a clever diversion. He knew no one would accept his invitation thus he's posting via proxy from Florida.

As we speak he's no doubt killing two birds with one stone; war driving the retirement homes while performing recon on the old ladies who wear cheap sandles and flip flops.

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Where is Clint in Witchita anyway?