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07-29-2005, 06:44 PM

Jul 29, 2005, 5:03:26 PM


VERMEIL: You want to know why we are in Wisconsin? Just take a deep breath. What a beautiful day.

Q: Which of the injured players are now good to practice?

VERMEIL: “They are all good to go except (Mike) Maslowski. We’re going to hope Maslowski didn’t look quite 100 percent to us.”

Q: But the other guys are okay?

VERMEIL: “Yep, they practiced this morning.”

Q: What are your plans for Maslowski then?

VERMEIL: “Patience, you know he’s starting to play again coming off an operation that no NFL football player has ever had before. So we’ll learn as he will learn.”

Q: How is WR Marc Boerigter looking?

VERMEIL: “He did fine this morning, he did fine. I think we’re going to go one hard practice a day with him. And then we’ll go two monitored practices a day with him, and then when he experiences those things then he’ll go full bore.”

Q: Are G Will Shields, T Willie Roaf and TE Gonzalez going to be practicing this afternoon?

VERMIEL: “This afternoon Shields won’t, but the others will.”

Q: How is Shields’ back?

VERMIEL: “I haven’t asked him yet this morning, but I know it was irritated yesterday at the end of practice.”

Q: Coach, already pretty spirited out there?

VERMEIL: “Yeah, well you know if you measure that by a fight. You know, you can have a fight in a meeting room. So I don’t measure the intensity of a football practice by one fight. But those things happen. We might have a couple today because we are going to be in pads for the first time this afternoon.”

Q: Coach, who’s fought in the media room?

VERMEIL: “I don’t remember one here, but I have been involved in some.”

Q: Is there a pattern to when you’ll put the team in pads on when you’ll be in shells?

VERMEIL: “Right now it’s shorts and shells in the mornings, and pads in the afternoon. As we go along we may make an adjustment, but right now that is the routine scheduled.”

Q: You had DT John Browning working with the first team defense and DT Lional Dalton second. Is that a depth charge change or just something you wanted to try here?

VERMEIL: “Well in reality, Browning is a number one defensive tackle, but last year the way we played him was at left and right tackle. The other players are not equipped to play as well consistently at left and right tackle. So we started him out on the bench and started through the ball game, but the end of the year he plays more snaps.”

Q: What about TE Kris Wilson, how is he doing out there?

VERMEIL: “He’s doing alright I think. He was a little tired today. I thought he was dragging a little today, but he caught some balls.”

Q: Is that one his strengths, good hands?

VERMEIL: “Well his strength is that he is a gifted athlete. But I think he is a little bit tired, watching him today. Because without Tony (Gonzalez) there, that is one less tight end. And when it’s obviously a tight end-type situation within the scheme, then you put him in because he’s the best receiver of the group that’s on the field. So he get more reps. Then he wears down quicker.”

Q: Is it kind like a Christmas present that you waited a year to open?

VERMEIL: “Only time will tell. We think he’s a real good package and whether we got him at Christmas or Easter we’re glad to have him.”

Q: Coach, I hear Greg Kinnear is playing Dick Vermeil in a movie?

VERMEIL: “I don’t know him, I have never met him. I’ve seen him in movies. He might come to practice here one of these days.”

Q: What can you tell me about the story of the player you had in Philadelphia?

A: “Vince Papale was the oldest rookie that ever made an NFL football team. He didn’t play college football. He went to St. Joe, he was a track man. He was a South Philly bartender and part-time teacher and he tried out for the football team in 1976 and he made it. He sort of became an image of our football team in the early years. Just hard working kids busting our butts. We didn’t have a first, second or third round pick those first three years. They were making the Rocky movie in Philadelphia and everyone sort of identified with him. Great kid, lots of enthusiasm, did a heck of a job on special teams. That’s how he made the football team. He still obviously lives in the community. NFL films made a highlight film on him a year or two ago. I guess Walt Disney Productions saw the highlight film and said ‘That would make a great movie.’ So that is what they are doing right now, making a movie.”

Q: When you read it does it look more true or more Hollywood?

VERMEIL: “Well you know, like I said after I read the first manuscript, it’s been rewritten I think a couple of times. You know you play with the truth. But it’s not a documentary, it’s just a story. And the basic story is true.”

Q: Do you have a timetable for Maslowski?

VERMEIL: “No, I think he controls the time table, seeing it’s really early in camp. We’ve got a long ways to go, and four preseason games to play. We just want to do the right things right.”