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Chiefs Pantalones
07-29-2005, 08:28 PM
Friday, July 29, 2005 Afternoon
K.C. Chiefs Training Camp Daily Updates

It was a comfortable 78 degrees at the Ramer Field Sports Complex today as the Chiefs practiced for the third time. The dew point was 56 degrees and the wind was from the southwest at 8 miles an hour. Some of the estimated 300 fans watched from the bleachers that were drenched in sun while others chose to watch from the shade.


During some basic running back drills quarterbacks Trent Green and James Kilian did a lot of hand offs. Running backs Dee Brown, Samkon Gado, and Larry Johnson all saw a lot of snaps.

During one series of 11-on-11's quarterback Trent Green went 7-9. Running back Priest Holmes caught one for three yards and one for four, and also had one for five yards. Running back Larry Johnson caught one 30-yard pass. Wide receiver Eddie Kennison had a fingertip catch for five yards. Tight end Tony Gonzalez caught one for 20-yards.

Quarterback Todd Collins went 2-5 this afternoon in 11-on-11 drills. Wide receiver John Booth made a leaping catch on the sidelines for a 10-yard catch.

Quarterback Damon Huard was 2-2 today in 11-on-11 drills. Tight end Kris Wilson caught one for 30-yards and wide receiver Jeris McIntyre caught one for 20-yards. Running back Dee Brown took a hand off and completed a pass to wide receiver Nathaniel Curry for 30-yards.

In 7-on-7 drills, quarterback Todd Collins passed the ball to wide receiver Nathaniel Curry who made a nice diving catch. Also, during 7-on-7 drills Trent Green completed a pass to tight end Jason Dunn covering 15 yards.

The quarterbacks practiced a scrambling and throwing drill halfway through practice. Damon Huard scrambled to his right and completed a perfect 25-yard spiral into a net. Onlookers clapped and "oohed" and "ahhed."

In between drills quarterback Trent Green was on the practice field playing catch with Chiefs ball boy and UW-RF student Andy Acosta.

"We got started and you know getting into the riggers of physical contact, getting used to it and getting conditioned for it, we don't let them go full bore. Some of it becomes a little bit that way in offensive and defensive line plays. It was OK - not wonderful - not outstanding, but good," said Coach Dick Vermeil about the first practice of training camp in pads.


While the team was warming up, linebacker Mike Maslowski and offensive guard Will Shields, who has a sore back, moved from the practice field onto Ramer Field. While there, they individually worked with trainers and were stretching. Maslowski was jogging and doing high kicks. After, they both returned to the sidelines and watched practice. After practice, Maslowski was spotted running across the field back to the locker room backward, with a trainer watching him.

During linebacker drills, linebacker coach Fred Pagac was overheard yelling at players, "If you can't do it - get the hell out of here!" The players were practicing quick reaction and often heard "take him out of the box!" The linebackers then moved to the single sleds, where Gary Stills was showing strength and aggression. Pagec noticed this and called out to him, "you realize how strong you can be when you use your head!"

Linebacker Scott Fajita and Shawn Barber did not practice this afternoon. Fajita put in a hard practice this morning, but sat out this afternoon with a sore ankle. Coach Dick Vermeil expects that within two weeks he will be able to go at full strength. Barber is recovering from ACL surgery and has not practiced with the team yet at this year's camp. Both were seen on the sidelines observing practice.

During 7-on-7 drills, cornerback Patrick Surtain intercepted a pass thrown by quarterback Trent Green. The pass was intended for wide receiver Chris Horn. Cornerback Benny Sapp had a huge hit on tight end Jason Dunn. The impact was so hard that it knocked Sapp's helmet off! Free agent cornerback Justin Perkins, and draft pick Alphonso Hodge teamed up for a tackle to take down tight end Willie Walden, to end his run.

During 11-on-11 drills, injured linebacker Shawn Barber was playing with the crowd. Wide receiver John Booth had caught a pass that would have been worthy of a coach's challenge. Barber called it out of bounds. He went to the sidelines and hammed it up for the crowd by acting like a referee making the incomplete motion with his hands. He then raised two gingers, to make a second down call.

Sammy Knight made an interception of a halfback option pass this afternoon. Running back Larry Johnson took a handoff from quarterback Trent Green, and ran to the right. His pass was short and Knight made the interception.

Patrick Surtain had great practices both this morning and afternoon. Surtain put a big hit on Pro Bowl running back Priest Holmes, which shut him down for a loss. Earlier in the day, he picked off quarterback Trent Green.

After practice, rookie cornerback Alphonso Hodge was on the field for an extra 15 minutes. Wide receiver Dante Hall appeared to have taken him under his wing and they were working on how Hodge could avoid blocks by a wide out.

Special Teams

Special teams had two practice sessions this afternoon. During the first, special teams coach Frank Gansz, Jr. was overheard asking his players, "what can I not allow that guy to do?" He was questioning the players moves and directing them into the right spots, and told the front line that they are setting the wall, and the back line is "gonna butt in." During the first practice, the main concern was practicing release on blocking schemes.

All three kickers were in motion this afternoon. The average punt time for draft pick Dustin Colquitt was 4.4 to 4.5 seconds. Coach Dick Vermeil stated that, "he did a real good job. I'm pleased with him."

Lee and Karen Jensen have been attending Chiefs Summer Training Camp for 15 years. Lee is a retired professor from UW-RF and the couple lives here in town. The Jensen's brought their grandchildren Marshall and Elise Smith to their first-ever camp. Lee's favorite memories from the past 15 years include watching the Oklahoma Drill and the performance of the players on the last day of camp a few years ago. Lee says, "The performance had nothing to do with athletic ability, but rather singing ability! The entire squad was so excited to go home that they were all singing, "We're going home tomorrow; we're going home tomorrow."

Paul Kammerer and Ryan Horn, residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have high hopes of the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl this season. Kammerer says, "This team has a lot of positive things that other NFL teams don't. Excellent coaching will be a major factor of this team's success this year." If nothing else, Kammerer and Horn want " Derrick Johnson to get to camp!"

Impressed by the stature and the athleticism of the Chiefs, Vinnie Campbell, Marcus Helland and Tyler Howard stood awestruck at practice. Campbell and Helland love the speed and intensity of Dante Hall, while Howard enjoys watching Priest Holmes. They all agreed that the Chiefs are a sure playoff bet, and all hope to "draft Holmes for Fantasy Football this year." Campbell and Helland are from Baldwin, Wis., while Howard resides in Woodville, Wis.

Dave Winters, Golden Valley, Minn., and son Jeremy attended their first Chiefs Summer Training Camp today. A graduate from Kansas State University, Dave says he's been a Chiefs fan for 27 years. He loves watching Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez, but says his wife is a diehard Dante Hall fan. When asked for his prediction of how the Chiefs will do this year, he exclaimed, "This will be the year!"

Austin Caster, 12, of Grand Rapids Mich., has high hopes for training camp this year. "I want to get autographs from Priest Holmes, Dante Hall, Tony Gonzalez, Trent Green and Will Shields," he said.

Stevie Barnett, 13, was "a special person and a special guest," as he put it today. The teen is the grandson of Coach Dick Vermeil and has been coming to camp for the last two years. For the two weeks he is at camp, Stevie has the chance to do what young fans can only dream of. "I get to hang out with the players. That's my favorite part."

One of the most talked about benefits of training camp is the bond that players form while living together in the residence halls, eating together in the cafeteria and practicing together on the field. But there is another important bond that is formed during these days at the practice fields, and that is the bond of the Chiefs' fans. Dora Boykin of Overland Park, Kansas and Debbie Overfield of Hannibal, Mo . met at training camp this year. Both came along with their sons. "We just kind of struck up a conversation, and it has really been very nice," says Boykin. "It such a nice camaraderie to see all the people from so many different places with one thing in common - the love of the Chiefs." Both women were impressed with the way the players interact with the fans. Yesterday, long after practice was over, players such as Dante Hall and Freddie Mitchell stayed to sign autographs for fans. "They came over and shook (her son) Taylor's hand and gave him the thrill of a lifetime." Stories like these are what make training camp so memorable. The friendships made with other fans and the chance to meet heroes. Boykin wrapped these thoughts up well when she said, "we've built memories these last few days to last a lifetime, no doubt about that."

People near and far make their way to the Kansas City Chiefs training camp in River Falls every year. Some to watch their favorite players with hopes of getting an autograph, and others to get some pointers to take home to their football teams. Today some members of the football team from Acalanes High School in the San Francisco Bay area of California were special guests of Mike White, director of football administration.

Randy Takahashi, athletic director and linebackers coach, Ron Thompson, head coach, Ron Martin, receivers coach, Alex Georgakopoulos, offensive line coach and Dan Lloyd, defensive ends coach and defensive coordinator were here to observe and get ideas of what they could do to improve their program. Bill Neal, the offensive coordinator at Granite Bay High School in Sacramento, Calif., also joined them. "It's been a great opportunity to watch them run drills, see how they run practice, how they structure practice and see the support staff they have that keeps everything running smoothly," says Takahashi.
Extra, Extra…Read All About It!

Chiefs President Carl Peterson met with the press after practice and had several comments about the new locker rooms, training room and laundry facilities at the UW-RF Hunt Arena and Knowles Building.

"The new locker rooms, the training room and equipment rooms are as good as any Div. I school, and maybe even some professional locker rooms. I think the point here is the Kansas City Chiefs come here for between 23-25 days a year, and they feel that it's that important that they can come up with that amount of money ($2.4 million) to make the improvements."

"We are very, very thankful and appreciative. We will meet with the Wisconsin Governor (Jim Doyle) and the UW-RF Chancellor (Don Betz) on Monday to dedicate this wonderful new facility. I can say this also - that our players are absolutely ecstatic about it and we appreciate that. More importantly, these people at this University have for 15 years made it (training camp) better and I appreciate that. They have never become complaisant and they have always asked, "What can we do to enhance you being here, because we don't want you to leave." I hope you all get a chance to see the facilities - they are very impressive."

Peterson was asked what it would take to leave UW-RF. "It would have to be something substantial because these facilities are awfully good; and it's not only the facilities; the weather plays into it, and also the cooperation and effort from the people here. (UW-RF Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance) Mary Halada has been here for 15 years, we've had three different chancellors, and three governors, but every one of them have always asked every year, "what more can we do" and they are sincere about it. It would take an awfully impressive offer to make us decide to go some other place for training camp."
Wide receiver Eddie Kennison spent extra time on the field after practice performing medicine ball exercises, core exercises and stretches.

Following practice, kicker Lawrence Tynes and punter Dustin Colquitt signed autographs for fans standing along the rail.

07-29-2005, 08:40 PM
All three kickers were in motion this afternoon. The average punt time for draft pick Dustin Colquitt was 4.4 to 4.5 seconds. Coach Dick Vermeil stated that, "he did a real good job. I'm pleased with him."

Ol' Dickie spoke well of a punter... I think that's a first.

Chiefs Pantalones
07-29-2005, 08:41 PM
So far, so good for our pro bowl CB Surtain.

07-29-2005, 08:43 PM
So far, so good for our pro bowl CB Surtain.

And we know that Knight can pick off an amazing cannon like Larry Johnson's...


Chiefs Pantalones
07-29-2005, 08:45 PM
And we know that Knight can pick off an amazing cannon like Larry Johnson's...


I know it's just practice, but I was glad to hear that our defense stopped that. Usually, even in practice, our defense gets beat by the trick play.

07-29-2005, 08:52 PM
The linebackers then moved to the single sleds, where Gary Stills was showing strength and aggression. Pagec noticed this and called out to him, "you realize how strong you can be when you use your head!"

In completely unrelated news, LB Gary Stills was placed on IR due to four compressed vertebra.

07-29-2005, 10:50 PM
Cornerback Benny Sapp had a huge hit on tight end Jason Dunn. The impact was so hard that it knocked Sapp's helmet off!

How did Sapp live through that? Dunn is a big ol' boy, you know. Sapp Benny must be playing like he wants the starting job. Frankly, I'd like to see him win it.

Red Dawg
07-29-2005, 10:57 PM
Don't pick off Green! You'll shatter his confidence.