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07-30-2005, 02:24 PM
Jul 30, 2005, 12:14:12 PM


Q: Can you talk about joining the team for the first time today?

THORPE: “I missed a few days. I was at home working out so when I came into camp I was prepared.”

Q: Do you feel there is any resentment from veterans to the holdouts?

THORPE: “No. It is a business. You have to do what you have to do. Everybody understands that.”

Q: Do you feel you are far behind the other guys?

THORPE: “No. We had a lot of off-season workouts and the rookie camp before so I am pretty caught up. It is just a matter of getting back in here and getting back in the hang of things.”

Q: Were you surprised by the holdout?

THORPE: “It was not my game plan at all. We had to do what we had to do to get what we needed to get.”

Q: Are you relived to be back in camp?

THORPE: “It feels great to be back around the guys and back in camp.”

Q: How far behind are you?

THORPE: “Practice is practice. I was not here, but I was at home running around and working out. As far as conditioning I did not miss anything. It is just a matter of getting back around the guys.”

Q: Were you surprised they threw you so many passes today?

THORPE: “The way our offense is, nobody is really the set receiver. It just depends on what the defense does. The quarterback happened to see me and I was open.”

Q: What goes through your mind when you are holding out?

THORPE: “I was ready to get here. I don’t like the idea of missing practice when my teammates are out here working hard and I am at home. I am still working, but it is not like being out here with the guys. I was antsy.”

Q: Did they keep you informed with what was happening in practice?

THORPE: “I had a lot of teammates call me and keep me updated with what was going on.”

Q: Did you think a holdout could happen in mini-camp?

THORPE: “I thought we would have a deal done a long time ago. That was up to my agent. He was talking with the team and they were just getting things figured out.”

Q: Are you happy with the deal you got?

THORPE: “Yeah. I am pleased.”

Q: What kind of impact do you think you can make?

THORPE: “I just want to do what I do best – run by people, get open, catch the ball and score a lot of touchdowns. I hope to help the team anyway I can.”

Q: How long do you anticipate it will take you to get set in this offense?

THORPE: “This offense is pretty complicated. The more time I get out here with the guys, the more reps we get in practice, the more familiar I am getting with it. It won’t take long.”