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07-30-2005, 02:26 PM
Jul 30, 2005, 12:16:50 PM


Q: How’s it going so far?

GREEN: “You can’t beat the weather. Obviously you get a lot more done when it’s this cool. It’s been good so far.”

Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell doing?

GREEN: “He’s doing real well. The fact that he didn’t do any of the OTAs or the mini-camps because we signed him so late, he’s still been able to pick everything up really fast. The thing with this offense is that we have such a high volume. There are going to be some mistakes, but for the mostpart he’s been pretty solid in picking that stuff up. You may notice that during our special teams periods he’s over there putting in some extra time with Charlie (Joiner) to work on those details. He’s done a good job so far.”

Q: Is camp different at all this year in terms of the workload?

GREEN: “Yeah, really the only difference is my workload. If you notice, they’re taking care of a lot of the veteran guys – Tony Gonzalez, Priest, Will (Shields) and Willie (Roaf). They’re making sure those guys aren’t working too hard. They’re rotating Eddie Kennison, Jason Dunn, Tony Richardson. It’s really trying to keep everybody fresh.”

Q: Is there a sense of urgency to get things done this year since there’s a lot of players in their 30s and it may be Coach Vermeil’s last year?

GREEN: “Nobody really talks about it, but you get that sense. I think the organization feels that way, as well. They haven’t exactly come out and said it, but with the moves they made and the veteran players they brought in, then bringing in some veteran corners Ashley Ambrose and Dwayne Washington to fill the void after Julian (Battle) got hurt. I think it’s pretty clear that we’re going to make as serious of a run as we can now.”

Q: With all the attention on the defense, are there still things that the offense needs to work on?

GREEN: “There are. I think our biggest concern on offense is depth. Some of the veteran guys are taking some reps off to save up and give the young guys more reps. From a depth standpoint, that’s going to help us. From an injury standpoint, just making sure everybody is taken care of. Priest (Holmes) missed half the season last year. Both Will (Shields) and Willie (Roaf) have battled injuries. I think it’s just smart. Tony Gonzalez is coming off a foot surgery. I think as camp moves along, we’re going to get more and more reps. The landmark we’re really shooting for is September 11th against the Jets. I think right now they’re just trying to be smart with everybody so that we’re peaking at that time.”

Q: Do you think the clock is ticking for you to a certain extent?

GREEN: “I still want to play a few more years. I’ve talked with some of the other guys about their frame of mind and how long they want to play. The special part of this group is what we’ve been able to accomplish the last three seasons. I know some of the guys are thinking about retiring. We know that this group as a whole, this may be our last year together. There definitely is a sense of urgency. From my standpoint, I do have a comfort level working with these guys, so there is more attention placed on this season.”

Q: You’ve got a pretty impressive streak of longevity. Does that surprise you at all in light of all that you’ve had to overcome?

GREEN: “That’s always been something that I’ve tried to stress and it was something that was stressed to me when I was in Washington and that was consistency. You try to be as consistent as you can. That’s what really establishes a player and lets them have longevity is if you’re consistent. That’s the thing I’m most proud of, number one being able to stay healthy. There was a lot of concern when the trade was made to bring me over from St. Louis. I was guy coming off four knee surgeries. From a health standpoint, I’m proud of that. But the thing that I’m most proud of is of how consistent I’ve been over the last three seasons. That’s when you really establish yourself in the league. There’s a lot of guys who have up-and-down careers and don’t last very long. But to have consistency, that’s the thing I’m most proud of.”

Q: Are you surprised that you’ve been able to take every significant snap the last four years?

GREEN: “I’m not surprised. I haven’t had a problem with the hard work part of it. The fact that I hung in there for six years waiting for a change to play. Now that I’ve gotten a chance to play, I’m not looking back.”

Q: There’s a lot of weapons on this offense, but would you consider yourself the most important cog in the wheel?

GREEN: “I would never say that. That’s the great thing about this offense, because of our offensive line and what they’re able to do – not only can they pass protect and run block, but their mobility, we run screens, we run draws, that’s why Priest has success – we all fit together so well. So no, I wouldn’t say that I’m the most important part of the offense. I don’t want to say pressure, but there’s a lot of attention placed on the quarterback, both good and bad. That just kind of goes along with it. This team is so good offensively because we’re able to run, pass, mix things up and keep defenses off balance.”

Q: What do you see Larry Johnson’s role being this year?

GREEN: “The same and even more. It’s a situation where it’s clear that Priest is going to be the starter. He’s battled injuries the last two years. Keeping him healthy, a lot of that may rely on Larry. If we can take some pressure off of Priest as Larry develops and understands the run game better, understands the passing game better, that could take some of that pressure off of Priest. It seems like he has the right attitude. I think last year really helped him having a chance to play and realizing that he could play in this league, giving him that confidence boost. Hopefully that carries over. Based on what he’s done out here so far, he’s going to be prepared, whether it’s 10 snaps a game or 45 snaps a game. I’m pleased with his progress so far.”

Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell working out?

GREEN: “He’s done and said everything the exact opposite of what we heard. He’s really come in with a great attitude, a great work ethic. When you watch him in the drills – if a guy is going to have an attitude problem on the field, it’s usually going to come in the individual drills because that’s the part that drags a little bit. The team stuff, everybody gets energized for that. The fact that he’s worked so hard in the individual drills. He hasn’t complained word one about the meeting times. Our camp is long. That first day when they said everybody was getting up at 5:45 AM and we were going to be on the field at 7:00 AM, a lot of guys were complaining about that, but he’s taken it all in stride. He’s coming in here and he knows he has an opportunity to re-establish himself. I think that’s really the kind of attitude he’s taken both mentally and physically.”

Tribal Warfare
07-30-2005, 03:48 PM
Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell doing?

Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell working out?

This reporter must have short term memory loss

Big Chief Homer
07-30-2005, 04:00 PM
Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell doing?

Q: How is WR Freddie Mitchell working out?

This reporter must have short term memory loss

No ,they're all waiting and baiting the players hoping someone slips out with anything negative to say about Freddie.

None of them wants to hear what theyre hearing.(about him working out so far)

07-30-2005, 08:43 PM

Q: How is camp going so far?
MITCHELL: “I feel good as a player right now and I think everything is going smoothly.”

Q: How do you feel that you have been doing the first couple days?

MITCHELL: “My coaches have done a great job of actually coming in and staying out there and coaching me and stuff like that. So it’s been good. I’ve picked up the offense so I am very happy with myself.”

Q: Is training camp the same everywhere, or is this one different than when you were in Philadelphia?

MITCHELL: “This is a lot longer and stuff like that, but this offense is predicated on reps and repetition so we can make the precise judgments and stuff like that. So it’s good for us.”

Q: Are you starting to get to know your teammates better?

MITCHELL: “Definitely. I knew a lot of guys from around the league anyway and they knew me. So it’s really not that hard.”

Q: Does it take a while to adjust to a new quarterback?

MITCHELL: “It doesn’t matter. Trent (Green) is a great quarterback and the accuracy is there. It’s really not hard to adapt to that.”

Q: Is Green getting used to the way you run a pattern?

MITCHELL: “Yeah timing-wise. That is what training camp is about, the timing and stuff like that. If I am doing my job it’s not hard for Trent to throw the ball to me.”

Q: Are you different this year than you were in the past? Or is this just you trying to get used to a new team, new teammates and new system?

MITCHELL: “Freddie has always been Freddie. No matter what happens, the media just makes you who they want to make you. They can take out of it what they want to take out of it. As long as my team is there for me I don’t care what anybody says.”

Q: Do you feel like you have something to prove this year?

MITCHELL: “I never have anything to prove, it’s a team game. When you try to prove something to somebody and step outside of the team, that’s when things go to (pot).”

Q: Can you see yourself being a starter next to Eddie (Kennison)?

MITCHELL: “I have no comment on that. I am trying to learn the offense and make the team better. That’s all I am going to come in here and do, be a team and be a part of a win. Not go a game not being a part of a win. It feels good, they really have had open arms right now, and it feels great.”

Q: Have you found a store in Kansas City to buy hats?

MITCHELL: “You know what; I have had to ship my country hats, my Stetsons over here so it’s going to be interesting. But I bought some boots though; some Ostrich skin Luchese’s, so I’ll be good.”

Q: What do you think of River Falls?

MITCHELL: “Very interesting. I like the country, but I like to get out to the city a little bit, too. It reminds me of the place I lived in Jersey, Morristown with the old shops. We’re here for camp, so it’s good.”