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Q: At this point in your career do you welcome the opportunity to give another guy a little more of the work?

HOLMES: “I think in terms of the direction of this team and the way that we are going I think that it is absolutely important that we add Larry (Johnson) into the backfield. Reason why, he is definitely a skillful guy. Once again he went to Penn State, rushed for 2000 yards. So that is someone that is vital in terms of what our offense can use. I think it is just going to make our team stronger. ”

Q: Will it extend your career or keep your legs fresher during the course of the season having Larry here?

HOLMES: “I don’t think it’ll really extend it, because I think once it’s time for my career to end it will end. Regardless of another person being able to take some of the reps. In terms of making it to the Super Bowl and being a contender I really believe that adding him and some of the defensive players that we have added is really going to make our team a lot stronger.”

Q: You were on a record-breaking pace before you got hurt in Tampa Bay?

HOLMES: “I think it was just an unfortunate event that happened. The defensive player from Tampa Bay just made a great tackle. I just couldn’t get that knee out of the way, and he hit it in the right spot and therefore there was an injury. I feel that it really doesn’t matter of how many reps your carrying the ball, in terms as when you are starting to win ball games is when it counts.”

Q: Do you like the on again off again practice situation, some afternoon and some morning sessions, is that disruptive?

HOLMES: “No, it’s not disruptive at all, I think after eight years of going everyday and not missing a camp I believe that now it is something different. But I take it in stride, I think it more or less of I am not banging my body constantly I think that will help.”

Q: What about a continuity situation with the split practice?

HOLMES: “I don’t think so, I think we should be mature enough to handle when some of the guys are not in there. I think right now this is a team that has grown a lot in strides of maturity and I think that is what you are going to see this year on the field.”

Q: During the off-season you talked about who you wanted to see brought in here, are you pleased with the choices so far?

HOLMES: “I can agree with Will Shields. And the reason that he came back was because he made a strong push defensively this year, and I am real excited that he did it.”

Q Kendrell Bell is a guy you specifically named, is this what you envisioned as a defense so far?

HOLEMS: “We played against him at times when he played for Pittsburgh and I have see what he has done on the defensive side of the ball so I am just excited that he is now playing for us.”

Q: Is the offensive line an issue for you at all?

HOLMES: “I don’t think it being an issue is anything I would look at; I believe that in terms of execution we are capable of doing that. With the addition of someone new on the right side, how fast he’ll be able to catch up with the pace is yet to be seen. ”

Q: What are your goals for this year?

HOLMES: “I think that I have accomplished a lot personally, so just not to get sidetracked and blinded from the main thing. And really being something that is special to the team. Just helping the team win and get back into the race this year and get back to where we were when we were 13 and 3, but finishing off a lot better.”

Q: Do you feel a sense of urgency to get it done this year, with Will Shields potentially retiring after this year?

HOLMES: “No, I think for me it’s just wanting to win, I am used to winning; I am used to being next to a team that has so many outstanding players. To be able to do some of the things that we have done and not to be able to finish on the top is very disappointing. So for me it’s a matter just of pride and to be able to talk about being a winner.”

Q: How do you feel?

HOLMES: “My body feels good, but I can definitely say that if I was practicing twice a day it probably would not feel as good as it does now. ”

Q: Did you have any concerns about recovering from your injury during the off- season?

HOLMES: “No, absolutely not. MCL is just a matter of time and once the body’s ready to respond it’ll be better. ”

Q: At what point did you feel like you could have played last year after the injury?

HOLMES: “I would not have played any game honestly. It just wasn’t time. And I think for a running back, know the type of runner that I am, knowing that I like to make cuts and slash it wouldn’t have been in the best interest. ”

Q: Was it disappointing for you that it took as long to heal as it did, because of the speculation that you would be back in a few weeks?

HOLMES: “There was some swelling that set in one week later and that was the determining factor in for me, in terms of the team they really thought that the swelling would go down in two or three weeks and I would be able to play. They really kept an open mind about it, but for me I think I had to shut it down.”


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Q: Can you talk about how the defense is coming along?

SURTAIN: “So far so good. I think the biggest thing with this defense, especially with the new guys is the communications aspect. With me and Sammy (Knight) back there in the secondary, I think we brought a presence back there. Guys are really talking. If we do that we’ll be very successful this year.”

Q: How do feel about coming in and being an example for the younger guys?

SURTAIN: “That’s part of the job. I remember when I was a rookie guys took me under their wing. We have a couple young guys over there and it’s not like they aren’t looking for it, they want that advice. They want to learn from a veteran that’s been there before. I’m happy to do it. It’s all part of the game. If I help them out, it’s going to help the football team out.”

Q: How is the team chemistry coming together so far?

SURTAIN: “People might look at training camp as the dog days of summer, but this is when you develop that chemistry that propels you throughout the season. I think if we can get the camaraderie down now and just get guys talking and moving around I think it’s going to help us in the season.”

Q: How does it feel to have even the offensive players complimenting and supporting you?

SURTAIN: “Well it’s a team game and we need each other. We know we have a very good offense and we just want to turn this thing around. We have the players on the defensive side of the ball to get it done. We’re not looking to be a middle of the pack defense, we want to be the best. I think if everybody has that mindset we can achieve that.”