View Full Version : Should the Chiefs sign Andre Reed?

09-01-2000, 11:45 PM
We're very THIN at WR and as everyone knows only 2 of our receivers have caught a pass in a real NFL game. I know that a youth movement is on but if Reed can still play (I beleive he can) he just migh help out. He's 2nd on the all-time recaption list and I'm sure that ALL our receivers could learn something from him. If we could sign him for the same dael that the Donx did, I'd do it. Any opinions?

09-02-2000, 12:02 AM
Do we need a WR coach or someone to play?

Reed is worse than Rison as far as skills go. He may be a nicer person, but he has nothing to add on the field where it counts.

09-02-2000, 01:21 AM

09-02-2000, 01:34 AM
Agreed. He goes against our burgeoning youth movement!

09-02-2000, 06:51 AM
If he didn't want to be a backup in Denver, why would we want him? I believe McCullough, will be brought in off the practice squad if we need a fifth WR. Agreeably, I question the 4 WR concept, but for now will accept what we have.

09-02-2000, 12:19 PM
Yes we should but only if we lose one of our WR's to injury in the coming weeks.

09-02-2000, 04:29 PM
I'd do it regardless. Locketts' size concerns me with regards to injuries and isn't Parker already injured? IMO It just makes sense to sign a 5th WR with experience. Why wait until it becomes a must? Where are we going to find a better emergency WR? To me it's a no brainer, but I have been accused of not having a brain on many occasions!

09-02-2000, 04:44 PM
I agree with everything you've said, Steve. I think I'm more concerned with the roster casualty, though. I don't wanna drop anyone at this point for Reed. No question, he has impeccable qualifications.

09-03-2000, 07:40 AM
We might as well sign Reed. If someone gets hurt today, we're gonna be in real bad shape at the WR position.

09-03-2000, 07:48 AM
Sign him, immediately!!!

Sign him for league minimum and use him as backup. I understand we have a young receiver on the practice squad, but he is not ready for the big time. Sign Reed and learn the DEN offensive schemes in more detail...

As a backup for injury, he would be perfect.