View Full Version : Tri-nations Rugby has begun...

08-02-2005, 11:44 AM
I don't know if any of you are "Real Fans" of Rugby, but the most brutal rivalry of a tournament in the world has begun. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. They showed taped matches at 1am central time on FSC, usually on Tuesdays. This is where these countries NFL caliber athletes play. Anyhow, link to report from the first match of the series...


KC Kings
08-02-2005, 12:01 PM
Hmmm... I don't have season tickets so I gues I am not a real fan. Thanks for the post though, and I hope Time Warner carries FSC. I have to admit that I have never watched the Soccer Channel and have no idea if they carry it or not.

They show a lot of Rugby in HD on INHD1 and 2, but it is mostly 7's.

I was in a rugby tourny in Jebel Ali during a gulf cruise, and we got to watch a lot of other games due to immediate ellimination. I got to watch the All Blacks beat the crap out of France's team, and it was great. Their pre-game tribal line dance is enough to intimidate anybody.