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By Brad Kuhbander

News and Notes:
- The lights at Ramer Field have been dark since last football season, but that will all change tonight when the Chiefs practice under the lights. It is one of two night sessions scheduled for Kansas City this training camp. The pace naturally picks up a notch as the lights shine on the players, indicating the action will be intense in front of a large crowd.

- First-round draft choice Derrick Johnson endured his first training camp workout on Tuesday morning. He arrived in River Falls midway through Monday afternoon’s session and made his debut on the UW-RF practice fields today. The coaches have not eased him into the routine and are treating him as if he never missed practice. Johnson is accustomed to the work and looks toward improving each day.

“I’m used to the coaches teaching and doing up in your face teaching,” Johnson said after his first practice. “That’s what I’m used. I take positive criticism well. I’m out here to learn. I felt fresh. These guys have been up here for four or five days before me so my legs are a little bit fresher. I felt good running around.”

- Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham has emphasized “wrapping up” in practice and his players are complying. No running back or receiver is safe catching a pass in the open field as FB Tony Richardson found out Tuesday morning. He caught a pass in the right flat and despite only wearing shells was hit by CB Patrick Surtain as soon as the ball arrived.

“The defense is getting better; it was very disruptive to everything the offense wanted to do,” head coach Dick Vermeil said. “They’ve got to experience some success. When your defense is continually confronted with one of the best offenses in football sometimes it takes a while to be disruptive. Today they were disruptive.”

- G Will Shields returned to River Falls on Monday night after doctor’s appointment in Kansas City. He indicated on Tuesday that he is looking forward to getting back on the field for his 13th season. The 10-time Pro Bowler is doing back exercises to improve his core strength.

“First of all, you have different exercises. You do a lot of stomach things, back things. Things you really have not concentrated on at any other time in your career because there has never been an issue. All the other things you did sort of automatically worked and worked itself out. There are more things you have to concentrate on as you get older. These are thing I am learning as you get older.”

- The Chiefs website continues to be a favorite among fans of the team. At 1:15 pm (CT) there were over 24,000 people on kcchiefs.com reading of the latest information on the team.

Position Analysis: Defensive Line
Kansas City returns all four starters along the defensive line, but added several players to the competition for increased depth and flexability. DE Jared Allen led the club and all NFL rookies with 9.0 sacks (-47.0 yards) to earn Mack Lee Hill Award as the team’s top rookie in 2004. DE Eric Hicks will join him on the other end while DE Carlos Hall gives the club another talented player.

Hicks recorded a team-high 43 QB pressures in 2004 and led all defensive linemen with 63 tackles (29 solo). The eight-year veteran ranks fifth in team history with 40.5 sacks (-258.0 yards) and needs 11.0 more to surpass Mike Bell for second. He may not get the recognition of a top sack artist in the NFL, he is gaining a reputation for disrupting numerous plays.

Allen is the key benefactor of Hicks, often times greating the quarterback after being flushed by the veteran. The Idaho State product proved to be one of the pleasant surprises a year ago when he moved into the starting lineup in the seventh game and he never relinquished that role. Number 69 spent a majority of his rookie season in the opposing team’s backfield and with a little seasoning in the Chiefs off-season program should only enhance his performance.

On the inside the Chiefs welcome three experienced players back who played in a rotatation through last season. DT Lional Dalton and DT Ryan Sims combined for 66 tackles (39 solo), 6.0 sacks (-40.0 yards) and 42 QB pressures. While he may not start, Browning is considered the Chiefs fifth defensive linemen. The versatile player can play any position along the line and often times plays as many snaps as the starter.

DT Junior Siavii has been impressive early in training camp and continues his learning process The club traded for drafted DE Khari Long in the sixth round from Baylor. Add in veteran DE Jimmy Wilkerson and the defensive line continues to come together for the season.

Training Campfire Stories: Today’s 15th anniversary memory from River Falls looks at what people remember about the living environment of the players, coaches and staff. When you ask any member of the Chiefs organization what the rooms are like, a smile crosses their faces as they remember their college days. While many teams stay in plush hotels during training camp, Kansas City prefers the bonding experience of dormitory.

When the equipment truck is being unloaded a common theme reigns through, there are numerous comforters, pillows and other bedding items being unloaded. A comfortable night’s sleep ensures proper preparation and recovery from the dog days of practice. For those rookies or new players who may not have experienced life in McMillian Hall, a stop at the local Shopko store is the first order of business to get the perfect night’s sleep.

Transaction: To make room on the roster after signing Johnson to a contract, the Chiefs released G Forest Vance.

River Falls Weather:
Temperature: 90 degrees
Heat Index: 98 degrees

Kansas City Weather:
Temperature: 90 degrees
Heat index: 94 degrees

A Look Ahead: The Chiefs will conduct a two-hour practice under the lights on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The club will have a brief special teams practice on Wednesday morning and will take the field from 4:15 – 6:15 pm in the afternoon. The first scheduled day off is Thursday.

08-02-2005, 08:46 PM
He may not get the recognition of a top sack artist in the NFL, he is gaining a reputation for disrupting numerous plays.

This line from the story is about Hicks.

What I want to know is, do they really believe the crap they write, or are they just hoping we are stupid enough to believe it?

08-02-2005, 09:59 PM
The latter.

the Talking Can
08-02-2005, 10:02 PM
"Hicks recorded a team-high 43 QB pressures in 2004"

that's such BS it's unbelievable....

Hammock Parties
08-02-2005, 10:05 PM

Hicks recorded a team-high 43 QB pressures in 2004

Does he get credit for a pressure for breathing on the QB?

08-02-2005, 10:30 PM
Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2005 Evening
K.C. Chiefs Training Camp Daily Updates

Practicing under the lights was a nice change of pace for Chiefs players and fans. As the sun was setting this evening temperatures were still hovering around 90. The dew point was 71 degrees and the wind was from the southest at 6.8 miles per hour. By the time practice ended it was closer to 80 degrees with a nice, cooling breeze. One hundred seventy five fans showed up to watch the Chiefs practice under the lights.


Coach Dick Vermeil was stopped after practice for a few brief comments. Vermeil discussed what his messages are to players for this camp. Coach said he always has comments but tries to drive home the fact that the offense is outstanding but can get better and the defense needs to improve. He noted that he can say it as much as he wants but it's up to the players.

Vermeil also made a couple comments about first round draft choice Derrick Johnson how he is a flasher and an athlete.

Vermeil also reported that tight end Jason Dunn was escorted off the field due to a muscle spasm.

In 11-on-11 offense drills, running the ball was strongly emphasized at tonight's practice. Running back Priest Holmes received eight hand offs from quarter back Trent Green . Running back Larry Johnson also received a few hand offs from Todd Collins .

During the first series of 11-on-11's Larry Johnson received hand offs from quarter back Todd Collins , and defeated the initial blocker, and pushed the ball into the end zone twice.

Tight end Jason Dunn got helped off the field by two trainers this evening due to a muscle spasm.

During the Special Teams practice quarterbacks worked on their footwork and on short passes.

In the second series of 11-on-11s quarterback Trent Green led the offense in running plays. Running back Priest Holmes received two hand offs, one of the handoffs was for a run of seven-yards. Runinng back Dante Hall received a hand off for a run of 10 yards, and running back Larry Johnson received two hand offs both for a gain of 10 yards.

Quarter back Todd Collins had an impressive second series of 11-on-11's. Running back Priest Holmes received one hand off, and running back McKenzi Smith received one hand off. Tight end Tony Gonzalez caught one pass for eight-yards. Wide receiver Darrell Hill caught a deep pass of 35-yards, earning cheers and applause from the stands for Hill's catch. Running back Samkon Gado received one handoff and running back McKenzi Smith received one.

Quarterback Damon Huard was two-for-three in the second series. Wide receiver Jeris McIntyre and running back Samkon Gado each caught passes.

In the final series of 11-on-11s quarterback Trent Green handed the ball off to running back Larry Johnson for a great run and a yardage gain of 25-yards.

Rookie Craphonso Thorpe took a few minutes after practice to discuss how camp is going so far. "I'm a rookie, I'm still learning. I've made a few mistakes, but I've been trying to put them behind me, and hoping that I don't make the same mistake again." When asked how he is feeling after a tibia and fibula injury in his right leg in 2003, he said that he feels 100 percent. He said that his main focus for this camp is on learning the plays and not making mental errors. "I'm coming out here and doing what I can do best. Learn the plays, play fast, and make some plays. That's what I do." Thorpe enjoys playing against the veterans on the team and said "to be against the best only makes you better." He added that he has learned a lot from older players such as Patrick Surtain, Eric Warfield, and Dexter McCleon.

Injured linebacker Shawn Barber knows how to take care of his friends to beat the heat. During team warm-ups, he was standing by the Gatorade jugs on the sidelines when he spotted someone he knew in the bleachers. He yelled up to his friend, who he called Blue, and told him "Let me know if you need Gatorade or water or anything!"

Derrick Johnson, in his second practice, became a fan favorite tonight, and had a lot of playing time. During 11-on-11s, he made a huge tackle on running back Samkon Gado, which threw Gado out of bounds. Johnson, along with cornerback Patrick Surtain, sandwiched tight end Tony Gonzalez to stop a short pass play. Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was heard yelling for Johnson, "come on, show up, DJ!" After practice, fans filled the sidewalks saying "Mr. Johnson, can you sign this?" Johnson was very gracious and kind to fans, but had to run to the locker room for the team meeting he was already late for because of interviews.

The defense was ready to hit the offense tonight on Ramer Field under the lights, with Gunther Cunningham yelling "I want to hear some banging!" Safety Willie Pile made a big hit on wide receiver John Booth that brought him to the ground. Linebacker Rich Scanlon and defensive tackle Darius Jones smashed into running back McKenzi Smith, causing a loss of yards for the offense. Dexter McCleon and Kendrell Bell teamed up to take down wide receiver Samie Parker after Parker caught the ball.

Linebacker Kris Griffin was chasing after tight end Kris Wilson in the end zone, following a pass from Trent Green. The ball was incomplete. However, Griffin stopped chasing after it once he knew it was out of bounds. Assistant defensive backs coach Vernon Dean ran after him and said "Kris, you gotta keep going, baby!"

Tony Gonzalez made a few fans very happy after practice tonight when he gave his gloves to a couple of lucky onlookers. After practicing cuts and angles for about 15 minutes, he threw the gloves towards the fans as he made his way back to the locker rooms. The gloves fell a few feet short and fans quickly jumped the ropes to grab the gloves. Security had to step in and get the fans back where they belonged.


Linebacker Shawn Barber worked on individual drills for about an hour at the beginning of practice this evening on the practice field. When he was finished he signed autographs for a few eager fans who were hanging around.

Derrick Johnson was stopped on the field for a few questions; one that was asked was how he looks as though he is playing really well. "I try to use my speed as my advantage. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Coaches really appreciate the speed and the talent that God gave me. So I use it to the best of my ability, and that's going on the block sometimes. I'm thinking that I'm pretty strong enough to make it through-a couple times and we'll put that all together and see what happens

When asked why people point our his flaws, Johnson replied:"They always say that I got something that you can't coach and a lot of people tell me that. I'm still learning. I'm a young player, and hopefully I can be a great one, one day."

In response to the question of his reaction to criticism, Johnson replied: "Sometimes I like hearing it because that gives me the urge to prove them wrong. Me, myself, I know what I can and can't do. And hopefully I can prove that."

Commenting on how his first practice in pads felt, he said, "Very important. It was a different feel. I haven't been in pads since the Rose Bowl, a long time ago. It feels a little different, but I'm getting back into the swing of things."

Special Teams

While the offense and defense worked on the main field this evening, the punters and kickers took some time to work out on the practice field. They joined the rest of the team about a half an hour later.

Special teams held two practices tonight, each about 10 minutes, and both focused on the kickoff and receiving the kickoff. Kickers Dustin Colquitt and Nick Murphy were working the field, and both had kicks in the 50s.

For the first receiving practice, the kicker would kick the ball, and wide receiver Dante Hall would catch it. However, he didn't return it. Wide receiver Samie Parker would practice running and the defense would all have to touch him to end the play.

The crowd erupted when Dante Hall got the ball from a kickoff, and took off down the field and showed his explosive speed.


James Hansen, 20, enjoys coming out to Summer Training Camp to watch the Chiefs' "X-Factor," Dante Hall. Hansen, himself, plays football for the
UW-RF Falcons and says that he loves watching football because of the "physical contact and the intensity of the game." He says that coming to
practice "pumps me up" for his own season. Although he admits that the Vikings are his No. 1 team, Hansen does expect the Chiefs and the
Vikings to be in this year's Super Bowl. "Playing football is an integral part of my life," he says. "It's the greatest feeling to engage in the camaraderie and challenge of this game." Hansen is from Roberts, Wis.

Mike, Rachel, Michael and Ben Vance traveled to Summer Training Camp from Des Moines, Iowa. Rachel's favorite player is Tony Gonzalez, while her sons, Michael and Ben, like Dante Hall and Priest Holmes. Rachel's most memorable Chiefs' experience was when she ran into Derrick Thomas at Bo's N' Mine last time they were at up at camp. Thomas autographed a helmet and took a picture with her. She said, "I ran back to the hotel room and woke up Michael because I was so excited!" Ben talked about how amazing it was to get his jersey signed by Dante Hall earlier today. The entire family believes that the Chiefs are a sure bet to get to the AFC championship game. The Vances are leaving tomorrow.

The Walford family ventured all the way to Summer Training Camp from Nevada. Bill and Kyla brought along their kids Landon, 11, Brianna, 9,
Jacob, 4, and Kayson, 9 months. This is their first time attending camp. Family favorites include: Tony Gonzalez, Priest Holmes and Dante Hall. Bill has been a fan almost his entire life, but most appreciated the Joe Montana and Marcus Allen eras. Another memorable Chiefs moment happened on November 23, 2003, when the whole family went to a game at Arrowhead Stadium for Landon's 10th birthday. "The Chiefs beat the Raiders on a field goal attempt at the end of the fourth quarter," Bill said. As for predictions, Bill is confident that this team will make it to the Super Bowl. The Walford family also participated in Kids' Day earlier today and was ecstatic about getting all the players' autographs.

Jesse Ayers, 15, of Lidderdale, Iowa, and his cousin Jackson Anderson, 13, of New Hampton, Iowa, drove to camp last night to see how the Chiefs look. They are most curious to see if the defense can hold up this year, and are also hoping to get a few autographs while they are here. Tonight Jesse was lucky enough to catch Shawn Barber as he headed to the main field and was able to get a football signed.

Extra, Extra…Read All About It!

At 6 p.m. free agent Kevin DeRonde signed a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. The linebacker is a three-yeard veteran of NFL Europe.

Fat Elvis
08-02-2005, 10:53 PM
In the second series of 11-on-11s quarterback Trent Green led the offense in running plays. Running back Priest Holmes received two hand offs, one of the handoffs was for a run of seven-yards. Runinng back Dante Hall received a hand off for a run of 10 yards, and running back Larry Johnson received two hand offs both for a gain of 10 yards.

In the final series of 11-on-11s quarterback Trent Green handed the ball off to running back Larry Johnson for a great run and a yardage gain of 25-yards.

Hmmm, sounds like the same old _efense to me.....