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08-04-2005, 10:50 PM
Dick Vermeil and the KC Chiefs are on the front page, lead story on ESPN.com


08-05-2005, 04:50 AM
Interesting poll about the Chiefs' upcoming season is included.

08-05-2005, 07:26 AM
Here are my answers for that poll.

Vote: What do you expect from the Chiefs?

Thank you for voting. See below for the results from across SportsNation.

My responses in bold text below.

1) What is Kansas City's biggest remaining weakness?
39.9% Run-stopping from defensive line
31.5% Options at wide receiver
14.0% Advancing age of offensive line
8.1% Retooled secondary
4.3% Priest Holmes' durability
2.2% Retooled linebackers

2) What do you expect from the Chiefs this season?
55.3% Rely largely on offense
42.7% Balance between offense and defense
2.1% Rely largely on defense

3) After an offseason makeover, how will Kansas City's defense rate this season?
46.9% Above average
34.4% Average
10.7% Excellent
8.1% Still below average

4) How many rushing yards will Priest Holmes, limited to eight games in 2004, gain this season?
49.5% 1,201-1,499
23.8% 1,000-1,200
21.5% More than 1,500
5.1% Less than 1,000

5) Which newcomer will play the biggest role this season?
46.8% Patrick Surtain, CB
28.4% Derrick Johnson, LB
17.3% Kendrell Bell, LB
2.7% Sammy Knight, S
1.9% Freddie Mitchell, WR
1.2% Dustin Colquitt, P
0.7% Carlos Hall, DE
0.6% Ashley Ambrose, CB
0.4% Dwayne Washington, CB

6) Who will be Kansas City's offensive MVP this season?
50.1% Priest Holmes, RB
25.8% Trent Green, QB
19.7% Tony Gonzalez, TE
2.9% Larry Johnson, RB
1.3% William Roaf, OT
0.3% Eddie Kennison, WR

7) Who will be Kansas City's defensive MVP this season?
38.7% Patrick Surtain, CB
26.8% Kendrell Bell, LB
23.6% Derrick Johnson, LB
4.6% Sammy Knight, S
2.7% Jared Allen, DE
2.3% Scott Fujita, LB
1.3% Eric Hicks, DE

8) The Chiefs went 7-9 last season; how many wins do you expect this season?
82.9% 9 or more
15.7% 6-8
1.4% 5 or less

9) Will the Chiefs make the playoffs?
78.2% Yes
21.8% No