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08-07-2005, 08:05 PM
Sunday, Aug. 7 , 2005 Afternoon
K.C. Chiefs Training Camp Daily Updates

The temperature is on the rise in River Falls again. At the start of practice it was 89 degrees and the heat index was 93 degrees. The dew point was 69 degrees and the wind was from the west at 7.5 miles per hour. There were 210 fans watching.


Today's practice was scheduled as pads and a full workout, but was changed to just shorts and shells with no helmets. Coach Dick Vermeil said that after last night, the number of bumps and bruises and number of guys that couldn't practice has increased, and he didn't want to take a chance. "You don't realize how intense it gets until you study the practice tapes. There were some unbelievable collisions with good players against good players," Vermeil said. Additionally, he felt that by doing this, it would enhance the chance of having a more productive week going into tomorrow, and against the Minnesota Vikings on Friday night.

Defensive players sitting out today include linebackers Shawn Barber, Mike Maslowski and Quinton Caver, defensive tackles John Browning and Junior Siavii, and defensive ends Carlos Hall, Khari Long, and Jimmy Wilkerson. For the first time in quite some time, the entire defensive backs unit was practicing together today.

The linebackers were practicing a drill tonight where they would sprint to one side, then dart to another side while trying to intercept the ball. Linebacker coach Fred Pagac yelled to Kris Griffin to speed up saying, "Kris, shoot your gun and go!" Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was also on hand to watch the drill and told the linebackers, "I'm 110 years old, and I can do it better than you!"

While in 11-on-11 drills, the defense was working on some of the different fronts that would be used this year.

During practice wide receivers ran a drill of catching the ball on both the left and right sidelines and also did some footwork drills. Wide receiver Samie Parker had a very nice catch on the right side. "Good job Samie," said wide receiver Coach Charlie Joiner.

In the first session of 11-on-11's, the drill was run in the red zone. Quarterback Todd Collins threw a great pass to tight end Kris Wilson for a 15-yard completion in the end zone. Collins hit Wilson again in the end zone for a 10-yard completion. On the goal line running backs McKenzi Smith and Larry Johnson both got many hand offs during the series.

In 7-on-7's this afternoon, wide receiver Eddie Kennison had a great catch of 15-yards in the end zone from quarterback Trent Green. "Nice catch Eddie," was heard from players and fans. Wide receiver Chris Horn had a 10-yard leaping catch from Green. Horn ran the ball five-yards into the end zone.

In the final session of 11-on-11's quarterback Trent Green had a great series finishing 10-10. Wide receiver Eddie Kennison caught one for 20-yards. Running back Larry Johnson caught two for five-yards each and ran the ball for 15-yards, five-yards and 15-yards again. Wide receiver Samie Parker made a leaping catch for a gain of 18. Fullback Ronnie Cruz caught one for seven-yards. Running back McKenzi Smith took a hand off for a run of 20-yards. Running back Dee Brown caught two, one was a one handed catch for about 15-yards and the other was for a gain of 10.

Wide receiver Dante Hall was stopped after this afternoon's practiced for a couple of questions. When asked if he was focused more on being a kick returner than a receiver, Hall replied, "I'm focused on returning and the wide out. I think my role this year is more defined. Last year it was an increased role that I thought I was ready for, but my body wasn't. This year is more defined of what is going to be expected of me. I'm kind of back in my comfort zone like in 2003.

Running back Priest Holmes did not practice. Last night he got kicked while being tackled, and was a bit swollen. The injury was not serious, and he only sat out as a precaution. He will be back at practice tomorrow morning.

Tight end Tony Gonzalez came out of the locker room halfway through practice. Gonzalez, who sprained his left ankle, was on the sidelines during special teams catching passes.
Special Teams

Today in special teams punting was worked on. Punters Dustin Colquitt and Nick Murphy both took a hand full of punts against some pressure.

During punt coverage drills Derrick Johnson drew the praise of the coaches. "That's a hell of a good job Derrick Johnson," said Frank Gansz, Jr.

When asked how difficult is it to catch Dustin Colquitt's punts, kick returner Dante Hall replied, "It was difficult at first, it's coming easier now. But I believe he's going to give a lot of guys that haven't seen his style of kick a lot of problems because you do need to get a lot of reps against them. It's easier for me now because I've had a lot of reps with OTA's and mini camps. But he has a very difficult ball to catch."

"No, not at all, I haven't had a guy give me that much trouble at any level; high school, pros or any level. He's well worth the third round pick, said Hall on the question if anyone was comparable to Colquitt.

"It took me OTA and two or three days of camp, it took me a while to get his rotation. I figured out what it does; it starts left, goes right, comes back left, hangs, and does some other freaky stuff. It does a lot of different things up there," continued Hall.


Sean and Danielle Garneau, Mechanic Falls, Maine, are attending Summer Training Camp for the first time. They drove 24 hours to get here! Sean has been a Chiefs fan all of his life. Quarterback Len Dawson was the reason he originally became a Chiefs fan, and has been addicted to this team ever since. Now he enjoys watching the entire team and is interested in seeing how the defense will gel. This weekend was the couple's first time getting any Chiefs' autographs. Since they live too far away to go to Arrowhead Stadium , they have only been to one Chiefs game in New England - the 2000 game against the Patriots. "I am actually surprised how big of a fan base the Chiefs have in Maine," Sean said. The town of River Falls actually reminds them of home. "It is a really cute town, and the people have been very friendly," said Danielle . The couple is staying until tomorrow.

Jacquie Wilcoxen, Los Angeles, Calif., and brother Bill Wilcoxen, St. Paul, Minn., are attending their first Summer Training Camp. Jacquie has been becoming more of a Chiefs fan every year. "I can't ever go to a game, but I have a special satellite so I can watch them," she says. Some of her favorite players are running back Priest Holmes, tight end Tony Gonzalez, quarterback Trent Green and wide receiver Dante Hall. The siblings are definitely looking forward to the upcoming season. They are hoping that the Chiefs secondary improves and that the team can make it to the playoffs. " River Falls is a great setting for camp," Jacquie said. "The players are more isolated and focused here."
Nancy Richey is visiting from Overland Park, Kan. This is her 12th consecutive year coming to camp. Richey grew up a Chiefs fan and has been a season ticket holder for 37 years. "They're my vice," she said. "I don't drink and I don't smoke - I watch the Chiefs." When asked what she thinks about River Falls, she responded, "I love River Falls. The people are so friendly. It's why we keep coming back."

Matt Nordquist, Anthony Landon, Jarrod Smith, Jacob Smith and David Maschmeier are currently training at Camp Ripley in Minnesota after finishing a tour of duty in Iraq. Their unit is out of Marysville, Kan. They had a little bit a free time so they decided to head to River Falls to watch the Chiefs. "We're from Kansas. We love the Chiefs," they all agreed.
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In today's afternoon practice, guard Will Shields and defensive tackles John Browning and Junior Siavii did some running drills up and down the sidelines and also worked with the sleds.

A few of the players that could be seen taking reps off the JUGS after practice today were wide receivers Jeris McIntyre, John Booth, Darrell Hill and Nathaniel Curry and cornerback Alphonso Hodge.

Wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe, quarterback James Kilian and defensive line Coach Carl Hairston were seen signing autographs after practice.

UW-La Crosse wide receiver coach, Frank Tierney was a special guest at camp today.

Wide receiver Darrell Hill spent extra time after practice working on his catching skills. First he worked individually with a coach and then did reaction drills on the JUGS machine.

Quarterback James Kilian worked on dropping back and throwing right following practice. Rookie wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe acted as Kilian's target while at the same time working on his footwork.

After practice, wide receiver Marc Boerigter commented on his return to the field. "I want the starting job, but I have a long way to go coming off of an injury." He said that he is extremely excited about playing again and hopes his body gets back to how it was prior to the injury. One of the main ways Boerigter contributes to this Chiefs squad is on special teams. "I believe that special teams is one of my strong points, and I miss being out there."


Derrick Johnson is the greatest special teams player in the history of the universe.

08-07-2005, 09:17 PM
So Tony's X-rays were negative and Wilson's strained groin isn't so bad he couldn't practice this afternoon. I also thought DV said that Jason Dunn will be back on the field tommorrow..........There for about half a day we looked screwed at the TE position but now I don't feel as bad as I did before I read this afternoons practice report. I really want to see what Saunders can do with our 3 TE package. Last year it went up in smoke with injuries to Wilson and BO(the lone WR in the set). We've got to start this season off healthy.