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Entry 3 Ė August 8, 2005

Hey everybody, Iím back with another entry from the dog days of River FallsÖ

Things are still progressing for me on the field. I know Iíve got a long way to go, but each day gets better. I just constantly remind myself that my first year in college I was so bad at linebacker that they almost moved me to fullback. Obviously, four years later I ended up in the right spot. I know that the NFL doesnít wait around as long, but I kind of think itís like my situation in college. I just need to focus on getting better, and as long as nobody gives up on me, I wonít give up on myself.

Iíve been working at middle linebacker with the second team defense. Rich Scanlon and I rotate in and out every three plays. I was working with the second nickel, dime and bandit packages also, but now theyíve moved Keyaron Fox there to try to teach him the position. They want to give him exposure at another spot to try and utilize his coverage skills.

Iím on the first string kickoff coverage and Iím in and out on the first string punt and punt return team. Iím really excited about the punt return team. I get to bump, then do that big old loop running back down the field. Then, hopefully, Iíll get to see Dante Hall coming, give him a little wave to come my way and then find the guy chasing him and send him to another planet. Itís going to be an outstanding feeling to be able to crush somebody then see Dante run into the end zone and go running after him. Doing that for the first time is probably one of the things Iím most excited about.

Iíve been getting to play kickoff coverage along side Gary Stills and heís the best special teams player that weíve got. He was voted to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player in 2003. Iím trying to learn as much as I can from him as fast as I can. To be able to line up right next to him gives me a little bit more juice. I respect the world of G-Stills and heís an outstanding player, but I want to beat him to the tackle. Iím always competitive by nature and I feel like if I can beat the best to the play then it might mean Iím on the right track.

I canít remember what day it was, but weíve been doing one-on-one pass coverage drills. Basically the linebackers, like myself, line up across from a running back or a tight end and try to cover them as they run a pass route. Weíre running around in space and the drill is completely to their advantage. They have no boundaries. Itís a good drill though because if you can cover them in space, then you can cover them anytime. Iím decently strong at that drill as long as I stay under control and donít get too freaky.

Most of the time Iím either going against second or third-team running backs, but I remember one time that wasnít the case. I ran out on the field and took my place, then I looked into the backfield and Priest Holmes was standing back there. So Iím looking at him thinking, ďThis is the ticket. This is the franchise guy. This should be interesting.Ē I wasnít really nervous, but I was so ramped up to do a good job against the best running back in pro football. But as soon as the ball was snapped I gave him too much of an angle and of course he broke it out and made the catch. Whether I would have tackled him or not weíll never know, but Iíd like to think I would have. But thatís the reason that he is what he is, because he makes people miss.

That was a unique experience because you usually just go out there and never really think about who youíre going against. But then when you get into a one-on-one situation with some one who you know is great, youíre kind of looking at him and going, ďWow, welcome to the NFL.Ē

Iíve never been against someone in a drill where they have such a presence that you respect them initially, instead of thinking, ďHeck with it, Iím going to knock their head off.Ē Iíll feel that way on gameday no matter who we play against, but this was the first time it happened to me in practice where Iím mano-a-mano with the best running back in the NFL.

An experience like that brings you back to earth really quickly and makes you realize you might need to focus just a little bit more that usual on this play. Otherwise, this guy is going to make your jock fall on the ground and heís going to run the other direction. Youíre going to make the highlight tape for the wrong reasons. Thatís what weíre trying to avoid here. If weíre going to make a highlight tape, we want to be on it for the right reasons. I donít it be because Iím doing a Pete Rose slide across the grass while there is a guy running by me in the other direction and the crowd is on its feet.

I want the crowd cheering because I just leveled a guy and Dante is flashing the ďXĒ in the end zone. Thatís where I want to be.

Talk to you again soon,


Hammock Parties
08-10-2005, 07:19 AM
Hopefully he gets his bedpan before the next entry.

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Hopefully he gets his bedpan before the next entry.

No way he'll not mention it if he gets it.

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I like this kid... fire. got a lot of fire... plus he sounds intelligent. Focusing on ST, he will be good there. Exciting.