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Terrell Owens Goes to the Gas Station

Sources close Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens are reporting that, just a day after leaving Eagles training camp, he stopped early Thursday morning in an apparent attempt to fill his car with gas.

Full details were not immediately known, but ESPN’s Trey Wingo first reported at 10:30 a.m. on SportsCenter that Owens was seen pumping gas at a Shell gas station wearing Sean John
jeans and a an Air Jordan t-shirt. Later, that information was refuted by Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who reported that it was actually a BP station.

Owens, who allegedly slept until 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, drove his 2005 Cadillac Escalade nearly two miles from his home in New Jersey to the service station.

T.O. explains to the media why he stopped off at Starbucks before getting gas for his Escalade.

“It may have been five after 10:00, we’re just not sure at this point,” said ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio. “What we do know is that T.O. left his home in his car, and a source close to the receiver indicated his needle was extremely close to the “E” as late as 9:00 p.m. Wednesday night, the last time anyone made contact with him.”

As more information came in throughout the morning, it became clear that Owens did, in fact, fill his Escalade with gas, but not before he had stopped off at Starbucks to purchase either a non-fat vanilla latte or a grande French roast.

Teammates later confirmed that T.O. usually drinks vanilla latte, and speculated that this would have been his drink of choice on Thursday.

"It was like the O.J. chase. I'll never forget where I was the
day T.O. went to get gas."
- Eagles fan Frank Fenske

Once he got to the gas station, confirmed by the Eagles website as a SuperAmerica, he opened the driver’s side door, then stepped out. Next, according to Paolantonio, “Owens searched for a credit card in his pocket for about three seconds, maybe four, before pulling out a VISA to pay at the pump.”

Before he began pumping the gas, Owens appeared indecisive and made two calls on his cell phone. The first, team sources confirmed, was to head coach Andy Reid. According to Comcast SportsNet, Reid and Owens had a disagreement over what grade of gas T.O. should put into his car. Reid advised Owens go with the low-grade, garden-variety unleaded.

“At that point,” reported Wingo, “Owens apparently dropped an expletive before hanging up and making another call.”

“T.O. was asked to fill his car with inferior gasoline,” said Owens’ publicist Kim Etheredge. “I don’t think it was a heated conversation. I know there was a disagreement, but I don’t know if there was an argument.”

The second call, which occurred at approximately 10:07 a.m., according to cellular phone records provided by Sprint, was to Owens’ agent Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus told co-workers that he then advised Owens to hold out for a higher grade of gas.

“If he wants to settle for a low-grade gas, that’s fine. I’m not going to butt into a dispute between he and the Eagles management,” said Rosenhaus. “But for the record, I simply advised him to go with Ultra Premium. Or, at the very least, Super Premo. If you’re one of the premier receivers in the National Football League, your gas should reflect that status. Do you really want to risk poor viscosity and thermal breakdown just by settling for lesser gasoline? I don’t think so.”

Apparently feeling better after his conversation with Rosenhaus, Owens proceeded to fill his tank with Ultra Premium unleaded gas.

Soon after filling his tank, Owens walked into the convenience store. Three minutes later, he emerged with two Gatorades – one Fierce Grape and one Xtreme Citrico – and a Snickers.

"If you're one of the premier receivers in the NFL, your gas should reflect that status.”
- Drew Rosenhaus

By the time he came out with the two Gatorades and the candy bar, Philadelphia media had gotten wind of his location. News helicopters proceeded to follow him from the service station to his home.

Onlookers were glued to their television sets as the entire saga unfolded.

“It was just like the O.J. chase,” said Eagles fan Frank Fenske. “I’ll never forget where I was the day T.O. went to get gas.”


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Funny as hell! ROFL

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Douchebag is on sportSCenter right now with his assclown agent.

Anyone see Rosenhaus on Letterman last night? Damn that guy is annoying. It was great when he couldn't explain away the extremely large contracts NFL players get when Dave dissed them.

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Funny as hell! ROFL

I thought so too. When I found it, I had to share it here. Thought you guys would appreciate it. There's some other funny shit on that sportsgoons site.

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I thought this one was pretty funny too.


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There flat out ripping him right now on ESPN NFL Live.

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There flat out ripping him right now on ESPN NFL Live.

Yeah. They just went OFF on TO. I've never seen reporters, guys who are supposed to be at least somewhat impartial, spew venom at a player like that before.

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Yeah. They just went OFF on TO. I've never seen reporters, guys who are supposed to be at least somewhat impartial, spew venom at a player like that before.

Kind of odd huh.
Being that they all used to be "team" players must inspire them on.

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This guy is more narcissistic than Saddam...His quote in my thread title says it all.

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Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!