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08-12-2005, 09:21 AM
Pretty interesting. It ends up that the Jets really got Law for 1 year at 3.5 million. Another site, PFT, (take it for what it's worth) had more detail, that being - if Law misses games because of his foot the Jets don't have to pay the 1 million roster bonus (pro-rata for each game missed) and if he misses 1/2 the season his base salary goes down to 1.5 million.

From Clark Judge at sportsline.com:

"The seven-year contract that cornerback Ty Law signed with the New York Jets is really nothing more than a one-year commitment -- but one that will pay Law at least $3.5 million and could net him as much as $7.5 million.

A copy of the contract reveals that Law will earn $2.5 million in base pay this year with a $1 million roster bonus. While Law has a chance to earn another $4.5 million in incentives, it won't be easy -- with a $2 million payout if he plays 60 percent of the snaps and the Jets win the Super Bowl.

There was no signing bonus, but the entire $2.5 million in this year's salary was advanced to Law in one payment, documents indicated.

The contract averages $8.755 million over two years and $7.173 million over three, and that's the good news for Law. The bad is that it's unlikely the contract will last beyond this season.

If you look closely you notice that an $11 million option is included, with the Jets required to make a decision by March 5, 2006. If they exercise the option, they're required to make payments of $916,667 every month from March 31, 2006 to Feb. 28, 2007 -- and it's almost certain that will not happen.

Also included is a provision that would guarantee $3 million of his 2006 salary -- a base payment of $4 million -- if Law plays 75 percent of this year's snaps. As a starting cornerback, Law is almost certain to play that much -- provided, of course, that he doesn't suffer another injury.

"What I don't get about this contract," said one NFC executive, "is that the Jets weren't negotiating against anyone. There was no offer out there for Law."

Law last year started the first seven games for New England before bowing out with a broken foot. He underwent surgery to repair ligament damage and, before checking in with the Jets, worked out for Detroit and Jacksonville -- neither of whom made him an offer. "