View Full Version : my thoughts on first half

08-12-2005, 07:50 PM
now im not ready tro panic yet,since it is only the first preseason game and only one hlaf... but ummmmmmmm nice defense we got there dont ya think???? didnt look any diffrent from last year. however you have to remember it does take at least all of preseason and camp for a unit with a lot of new faces to gel together,so im not worried yet.....

our first string O looked,well like we have pretty much for the last 3 years,we ran the ball great...... P.H. 4 carries 43 yards.. he looked like hes back. LJ also ran the ball very good so not many worries there and we were shuffling our Oline around alot to .............

i just pray our D improves through out the preseason.....and im sure it will.