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08-13-2005, 07:06 PM
GRETZ: Lame Way to Start a Season
Aug 13, 2005, 8:19:45 AM by Bob Gretz

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – As an opening act, it was pretty lame. The Chiefs performance at the Metrodome Friday night left much to be desired. It was not the way to begin the 2005 season.

It started in the first quarter and rolled through the game’s final moments. When your only touchdown of the game comes from your fourth-string quarterback doing a “John Elway in the Super Bowl” helicopter leap into the end zone, well that says it all.

Vikings 27, Chiefs 16.

As he walked across the campus at UW-River Falls some 24 hours before the game, Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was asked if he thought his defense, after two weeks of intense training camp practices, was ready to face the Vikings. His answer was typical Gunther: direct and to the point.

“No,” he said. “Some of these guys think they’re ready. They’re not.”

They proved that on the field. It was hard to really see much of a difference from the defense that was so disappointing and ineffective last season. The No. 1 defense did not produce a turnover. They gave up big plays and made none of their own. They gave up a first quarter touchdown when Daunte Culpepper was leading the Vikings, and gave up another one when Brad Johnson came in and took over the offense. Culpepper’s pass to Nate Burleson went for 33 yards. Johnson’s TD pass was set up by a 50-yard run by Mewelde Moore on a third-and-one play.

No, it wasn’t all bad, as Ryan Sims showed some good penetration into the Vikings backfield and Patrick Surtain left little doubt he’s the real deal on the corner. No. 1 pick Derrick Johnson showed his speed on several plays. It just wasn’t very different from last year.

Offensively, the Chiefs No. 1 unit failed to score a touchdown and any time that happens, it’s noteworthy. Priest Holmes ran well in his short appearance (four carries for 42 yards) and Trent Green threw the ball with precision during his limited playing time. But on third-and-goal at the one, they could not pound the ball in with Larry Johnson. That just seldom happens with the Chiefs offense.

Probably the star of the game for the Chiefs was rookie punter Dustin Colquitt, who handled his first NFL game with ease, averaging 36.5 on four punts. More importantly, his net average was also 36.5 yards. Only his final punt of the game was not up to snuff. When he needed to kick for field position, he did, hanging punts high in the Metrodome. His best punt came early in the fourth quarter, when he hung it up for 4.87 seconds and positioned it to the left side of the field, where it bounced out of bounds, with no return. That’s something for Chiefs fans to get excited about.

Lawrence Tynes rode the roller coaster, however, and that’s something that he’s got to solve or Dick Vermeil may send him packing, even though there are no other kickers in camp. Tynes was three-for-four on his field goals, nailing a 51-yarder with at least five yards to spare. But then he missed a 38-yarder and one of his fourth quarter kickoffs went out of bounds, costing the Chiefs huge field position (the penalty puts the ball at the 40-yard line.) Those are things that a coach may tolerate from a rookie kicker, but after that first year, there are no more free passes.

Penalties reared their ugly head in this game as well; it was a problem for the Chiefs last pre-season, and it was duplicated against the Vikings: 14 penalties marked off for 93 yards. Part of the problem in this game could also have been referee Ron Winter’s crew. These guys are notorious for enjoying the yellow hanky throw. They also lit up the Vikings for 14 flags. But that doesn’t explain mental mistakes like WR John Booth, struggling to make this team, taking back-to-back false start calls.

As the coaches comb through the tape Saturday morning back in River Falls they may find a few hidden heroes who handled their duties with skill and understanding. But in general, as opening pre-season games go, this one was a stinker.

The opinions offered in this column do not necessarily reflect those of the Kansas City Chiefs.


08-13-2005, 07:10 PM
[B]His answer was typical Gunther: direct and to the point.

“No,” he said. “Some of these guys think they’re ready. They’re not.”


08-13-2005, 07:12 PM
Wow Gretz wrote an article that wasn't a total azz kisser-even he is tired of the deffense.

08-13-2005, 07:34 PM
"The opinions offered in this column do not necessarily reflect those of the Kansas City Chiefs."

I call BullSh*t

08-13-2005, 07:35 PM
yep nailed that one.

08-13-2005, 08:43 PM
Screw gretz. We gave up 2 touchdowns without one of our starting LB's to one of the better offenses in the league. Big whoop. We played vanilla and no Carlos Hall on the pass rush either. DJ looks better than any LB we have had at any time since DT. Mitchell played decent too. Gretz is just a whiney ass.